Spreading the Taylor Hicks’ Love: It’s Christmas!

December 24, 2008

I had an email from someone who wishes to remain anonymous for what ever reason, regarding a question they had about my blogging. I was asked why I’m featuring the occasional other blogs I visit or frequent, in my posts of late. One of their questions, why direct traffic off of my blog, bring attention to other sites which may take away from my site?

My reply to you, dear One More Anonymous and Curious Person, Taylor Hicks, of course. Just spreading some of the Taylor Hicks fan information and on-line ‘magic’, so to speak, around. You see, there are still a few blogs talking Taylor Hicks, perhaps not in ridiculous school girl way but in more of a discussion format; the way we once talked Taylor on Gray Charles in the days it was a great blog to visit.

Too, ’tis the season, the season of goodwill and ‘cheersing’, to quote Mr. Hicks off one of the audio posts he made on that late Gray Charles blog. I’d like to have the option of a community of realists, at least to a certain definition of realist, the definition that can be found in this realm of on-line worlds and identities, in which we might wander in a peaceful, but lively community. One in which we can accept one another rather than simply castigate and ridicule each other over opinions or thoughts about Taylor (or other artists). Omit mind controlling intimidation techniques,lock-step thought processes. Share other music, talk other artists, as the mood strikes, and of course, follow this Taylor Hicks character on his winding and rolling road.

I found this Taylor Hicks video today while looking for something Hicks related – first time I’ve heard this song that I’ve actually liked it. Instrumentals add much to it, this better than off the CD. Too bad the ending is chopped a bit short, though.
“Just to Feel This Way”

thanks to marthagartha

Of course there are some posters hesitant to let others play in the fan sandbox in harmony. My words to those police minded folks, and I mean this in the most humorous way; someone eventually shoots the sheriff. Here’s my wish to a semi-peaceable kingdom where the wildebeast and the lions can all wander among the watering holes in a semblance of harmonic anarchy.

vid c/o Appleturnover321


Taylor Hicks and the Modern Whomp

December 22, 2008

Warning, Taylor Hicks’ snark alert. Go no further if easily and unnecessarily insulted when Taylor Hicks mentioned in ways other than praise and adoration. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Reading over at It’s All Grey today put my brain wheels turning. Something had to help spark those brain cells I must have killed this weekend. Anyway, the discussion this morning concerned musical genre and name choice, specifically Taylor Hicks’ musical genre name selection to define his sound, self-titled, “Modern Whomp”.

I located this site I’m kindly providing a link to which was created by the intelligent folks at Loyola U. This may present and provide a hint at the answer on Taylor Hicks’ selection of genre moniker and perhaps The Why of what made the man feel he needed to define himself in a whole new genre rather than stick the tried and trues out there in today’s market.

If you’re a modern musician, you’re probably all too familiar with one of the toughest challenges facing today’s aspiring artists. That’s right, I’m talking about choosing a musical genre. If you don’t select the correct pigeonhole in which to voluntarily confine yourself, how will the record stores know where to stock your album? How will the kids know whether they’re supposed to like you? Decisions, decisions.

Well, I’ll tell you what you can do. You can get around this quandary by the same method hundreds of other bands have: you can invent your own genre. And with today’s technology, it’s a snap! Simply click the link below, and a sophisticated computer program will provide you with a custom-designed genre name, ready to be plastered all over your web site, or mentioned casually in conversation! Watch out, though — there’s no guarantee that some other poseur hasn’t gotten to it first!

Just click “here” and you’ll be on your way to exciting interesting new names for genres not yet taken – hopefully. “HERE”

Thing is, record stores already have pre-printed signing up delegating the what and where of the genres. Next part, you have to convince them to print up one just for your particular niche in the market to hang up on the wall.

Well you know signs can be overrated, labels not always appreciated, so who knows, perhaps Mr. Hicks stepping out from under the already printed labels and signs might work out to be a good thing.

video created by softtailteen

Taylor Hicks – Roll the Dice

December 15, 2008

Taylor Hicks could be compared to a gambler of sorts. Gambler in that he quit college to pursue a career in music. Gambler in how he parlayed a free airline ticket received after dodging hurricane Katrina into an American Idol audition. Gambler in that he rolled the dice to go for the win on that show – against the odds. Really, looking at the guy, who’d have wagered he’d actually have pulled it off back then? Perhaps only those who like to bet on those long odds.

Again Taylor Hicks rolls the dice. As his fans are aware, he’s the star feature in the nationally traveling show of “Grease”. Many dismiss his foray into this theater production as evidence of his failure as an artist, as a musician. Expectations rose that he’d bomb out while playing that Teen Angel in an ice cream cone. Thing is, Mr.Hicks took that small role and created a win for himself, created a win for the Broadway production.

Taylor Hicks most recent gamble centers around utilizing the national touring opportunity to open a new potential avenue in marketing – he’s combining his role in this theater performance as a way to highlight his own music. This marks a first time out venture in working the industry this way; if it works out for Mr. Hicks, certainly other musicians will follow in his dancing foot steps.

This recent spate of events in the career in Taylor Hicks’ exemplify the appeal that Taylor Hicks holds for me – his perseverance. The guy tried out for Idol in a bid to get his name out in the national spotlight and that succeeded – although not with the exact results desired. Certainly his time with 19E and the Idol producers were not always spent enjoyed as a harmonious relationship. Still, now the man is moving forward, taking what he has open to him from that experience and bringing something else, potentially innovative to the picture.

This time I’m hoping that Lady Luck smiles down on him. Regardless, Taylor Hicks obviously plans on going the distance. Tumble those dice, Soul Man.

video c/o legacied LYRICS
Yeah, I’m feeling good.

Taylor Hicks Tuesday, The Weather and The Fall

December 9, 2008

How fitting, on Taylor (Hicks) Tuesday on Caryl’s Blogspot she’s featuring the Fox and Friend’s weather cast with Taylor Hicks (from a while back).

“Fitting” since we’re (here in Dallas)about to get a change in our weather – at least for a day or two. Cold front on the way, might get all the way down to 31 degrees tonight. I’ve gathered in some of that fire wood left over from our mild winter last year, got the Smores supplies in order for that fun loving ten year old’s after dinner dessert.

We’ve got to enjoy those cool spells while we can during The Fall, in Dallas.

video c/o itily224 from Waukegan
here it comes just rushing in
the distant smile replied, a distant grin it’s not so bad after all I climbed the ladder, and you took the fall you took the fall

Taylor Hicks’ Providence Interview – and Beer

December 6, 2008

Taylor Hicks was invited to the 92 PRO-FM studio to talk “Grease”, Providence, and his upcoming new record set to drop February 2009. Mr. Hicks is in good form, exhibiting an affable, approachable, laid back vibe as he speaks about the topics at hand with the folks in the radio booth.

“Modern Whomp” as a style definition omitted as he describes the style of music he’s been inspired by in the creation of this new CD as more Van Morrison, James Taylor. He’s asked about the critics, and anyone reading much about Mr. Hicks knows he’s been lambasted by the music writers – not just ol’ Simon Cowell – for the duration of his career following Idol. Taylor Hicks’ expression following the interviewer’s comment, “…better than having a bunch of “yes men’ around” speaks volumes(4:04).

My on-line pal, Caryl, asked me why I’d think he’d listen to what ‘we’ write. ‘We’ being fans/bloggers in this case. Check at 3:00; Mr. Hicks says, “it’s about the American people”. Caryl, we be people!

Watching this interview, apparently Mr. Hicks is having some fun in Providence, when talking about the beer at a certain brewery (Trinity) establishment he adds, ““Just drink four and they all taste the same”. Man, if you go back in, order a nice molten dark beer for Sunny.

Speaking of beer, here’s a clip created from one of my favorite shows of all time, “The Man Show” – featuring one of the stars of that show.
The Fox


Taylor Hicks Knocking, Providence Opening the Door

December 2, 2008

It’s somehow fitting that the “Grease” National tour would begin on a Tues-Tay Tuesday considering Taylor Hicks is planning on utilizing this opportunity to open yet another door in his quest to ‘have his voice heard’. Back in 2006, during the American Idol boards in the Taylor Hicks threads, posters affectionately referred to this day of the week as “Tues-Tay”. Slightly embarrassing to remember, but back then, beginning in the morning hours, fans of the man (yes, I’d be tuned into the web page at least part of that day) would start their countdowns in anticipation of show time in their respective time zones.

Moderately interesting, the beginning city of this national theater tour being in a city named Providence. Merriam-Websters defines the word ‘providence’: divine guidance or care; the power sustaining and guiding human destiny. Whether this city was selected simply at random, a matter of pure circumstance, convenience, or perhaps, for those so inclined, a sign sent harboring some sort of cosmic divinity (Ouija anyone?) – something to entertain your brain for a moment.

You see, Mr. Hicks has said he’s on a new pathway toward a possible new age marketing idea, an idea concocted within the secluded walls of the show’s producers and Mr. Hicks’ “people”. This national touring production of “Grease” providing the added benefit of promoting his new CD scheduled for release, February 10th, 2009. (Regarding “people”, you know what I mean – the cast of humanity that surround those of the celebrity ilk designed to provide guidance and advice; handle all the scheduling and marketing that accompanies the status of ‘said’ celebrity.) Not known, the idea behind and the reason for kicking off this national tour in the the tiny state of Rhode Island and that potentially provident moniker of description for Mr. Hicks’ most recent quest to rise in the entertainment industry.

In an article in one of the Providence local on-line sources, projo.com, Rick Massimo pens a clever title, “Taylor Hicks greases the skids of his career”. In that title lies reference to the fact that Mr. Hicks is in need of an upward surge in his destiny chart and that perhaps “Grease” may pull the guy out of what has been viewed by many as a downward skid, career-wise. In the article Mr. Hicks is quoted as saying that the role of Teen Angel spoke to him. “It’s kind of like rock ’n’ roll heaven — all the rock stars coming down from heaven and [saying] ‘Do something that’s solid.’ I think there’s a hidden message: Education will set you free.”

Perhaps this role in “Grease” as the Teen Angel has come to Mr. Hicks as his providence; certainly it will provide an education in creative expansion. Too, perhaps Providence will play a role in being a key to finally unlock that door he’s been knocking on for so many years.
“Fight Outta You” Ben Harper LYRICS

Taylor Hicks, may providence be with you. (You know, like the Force.)