Taylor Hicks’ Providence Interview – and Beer

Taylor Hicks was invited to the 92 PRO-FM studio to talk “Grease”, Providence, and his upcoming new record set to drop February 2009. Mr. Hicks is in good form, exhibiting an affable, approachable, laid back vibe as he speaks about the topics at hand with the folks in the radio booth.

“Modern Whomp” as a style definition omitted as he describes the style of music he’s been inspired by in the creation of this new CD as more Van Morrison, James Taylor. He’s asked about the critics, and anyone reading much about Mr. Hicks knows he’s been lambasted by the music writers – not just ol’ Simon Cowell – for the duration of his career following Idol. Taylor Hicks’ expression following the interviewer’s comment, “…better than having a bunch of “yes men’ around” speaks volumes(4:04).

My on-line pal, Caryl, asked me why I’d think he’d listen to what ‘we’ write. ‘We’ being fans/bloggers in this case. Check at 3:00; Mr. Hicks says, “it’s about the American people”. Caryl, we be people!

Watching this interview, apparently Mr. Hicks is having some fun in Providence, when talking about the beer at a certain brewery (Trinity) establishment he adds, ““Just drink four and they all taste the same”. Man, if you go back in, order a nice molten dark beer for Sunny.

Speaking of beer, here’s a clip created from one of my favorite shows of all time, “The Man Show” – featuring one of the stars of that show.
The Fox



9 Responses to Taylor Hicks’ Providence Interview – and Beer

  1. chill says:

    LOL! And everyone thought we were silly to send the man the Beer Around the World gift basket opening night in NYC. We know the way to a man’s heart. 🙂 I am so anxious to hear this CD.

    Glad to see you out and about, spinshack.

  2. spinshack says:

    As am I Chill. So, did you ever read my last msg to you? I’m much glad to be out and about. Meds, herbs, and alcohol do much to improve a bodies’ situation. lol

    I don’t give up – neither does Mr. Hicks. He’s just inspiring.

  3. chill says:

    Alcohol! Improves a body’s situation? haha, never heard that one. I might have to try it more often. Yes, I read the message and I’m happy to see you around again. And, uh, I can’t vouch for you that you don’t give up. haha, I used to hate your tenacity, but I have to say that now I admire it. You’re a good soul, spin. This is going to be Taylor’s year, so I’m sure we’ll be seeing a lot of each other. 🙂 You ever need anything, you know how to reach me.

  4. chill says:

    Oops, it should say up there that I CAN vouch for you that you don’t give up, not can’t.

  5. spinshack says:

    I understand Chill, and I always intrinsically thought we were on the same wave length. lol It was really some fun sparring with you and your site; did not hurt Hicks none either. Never had any hard feelings for you, we just had to ‘cross swords’ for a time.

    I never give up, although I did get a little wimpy for a few weeks, hahaha, got over it. That’s what I love about Taylor – man, he’s like Rocky or something. Just keeps coming out slugging. I hope he comes out soon with something on his Myspazz on his new music.

  6. chill says:

    Yep, gotta love that the guy just keeps on going after being knocked down. Like, “Oh, yeah, I’ll show you.” I hope one day we get a book out of him that details the nitty-gritty truth of what went down with the AI PTB as well as that record label. Now that could be a best seller.

  7. jerseyirish says:

    I compare Taylor to the engerizer battery he just keeps going and going, doesn’t let obstacles get in his way, he just works around them.

    Chill, I thought the beer basket was a great idea, men and their beer!!!

    Spin, I sorry to hear you had a rough couple of weeks, glad all is well. I really enjoy your sites and your opinions, they are always well presented, thanks.


  8. rosie says:

    Sunny, I commented on this yesterday moments after your posted it, but it never appeared. This interview was his best ever, and his beer comment reminded me of the Martys video. Sunny glad you are okay, and I agree with JI. rosie

  9. spinshack says:

    Thanks JI and rosie, I appreciate your good wishes.

    I agree this Mr. Hicks’ best interview I’ve seen. I believe this “Grease” experience is really been so positive for him on many levels.

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