Taylor Hicks Knocking, Providence Opening the Door

It’s somehow fitting that the “Grease” National tour would begin on a Tues-Tay Tuesday considering Taylor Hicks is planning on utilizing this opportunity to open yet another door in his quest to ‘have his voice heard’. Back in 2006, during the American Idol boards in the Taylor Hicks threads, posters affectionately referred to this day of the week as “Tues-Tay”. Slightly embarrassing to remember, but back then, beginning in the morning hours, fans of the man (yes, I’d be tuned into the web page at least part of that day) would start their countdowns in anticipation of show time in their respective time zones.

Moderately interesting, the beginning city of this national theater tour being in a city named Providence. Merriam-Websters defines the word ‘providence’: divine guidance or care; the power sustaining and guiding human destiny. Whether this city was selected simply at random, a matter of pure circumstance, convenience, or perhaps, for those so inclined, a sign sent harboring some sort of cosmic divinity (Ouija anyone?) – something to entertain your brain for a moment.

You see, Mr. Hicks has said he’s on a new pathway toward a possible new age marketing idea, an idea concocted within the secluded walls of the show’s producers and Mr. Hicks’ “people”. This national touring production of “Grease” providing the added benefit of promoting his new CD scheduled for release, February 10th, 2009. (Regarding “people”, you know what I mean – the cast of humanity that surround those of the celebrity ilk designed to provide guidance and advice; handle all the scheduling and marketing that accompanies the status of ‘said’ celebrity.) Not known, the idea behind and the reason for kicking off this national tour in the the tiny state of Rhode Island and that potentially provident moniker of description for Mr. Hicks’ most recent quest to rise in the entertainment industry.

In an article in one of the Providence local on-line sources, projo.com, Rick Massimo pens a clever title, “Taylor Hicks greases the skids of his career”. In that title lies reference to the fact that Mr. Hicks is in need of an upward surge in his destiny chart and that perhaps “Grease” may pull the guy out of what has been viewed by many as a downward skid, career-wise. In the article Mr. Hicks is quoted as saying that the role of Teen Angel spoke to him. “It’s kind of like rock ’n’ roll heaven — all the rock stars coming down from heaven and [saying] ‘Do something that’s solid.’ I think there’s a hidden message: Education will set you free.”

Perhaps this role in “Grease” as the Teen Angel has come to Mr. Hicks as his providence; certainly it will provide an education in creative expansion. Too, perhaps Providence will play a role in being a key to finally unlock that door he’s been knocking on for so many years.
“Fight Outta You” Ben Harper LYRICS

Taylor Hicks, may providence be with you. (You know, like the Force.)


9 Responses to Taylor Hicks Knocking, Providence Opening the Door

  1. jerseyirish says:

    Spin, I hope this gives Taylor what he is looking for, National exposure and to expand his fan base. He seems to have it all worked out promoting the new single/CD through Grease and his shadow tours. I wouldn’t count the guy out, I think he is just emerging as an entertainer a whole lot more ahead.


  2. spinshack says:

    I’m retaining that little ol’ ant philosophy myself, JI.

    Break a leg tonight, Mr. Hicks. 😉

  3. rosem15 says:

    Spin, I didn’t read the boards back then and while at least half the time I voted for Tay, I was not completely into him until his last 3 weeks. By the time he won, I think I was obsessed with wanting to see him be a star. That may never happen and I do think after seeing him come alive in Grease he could have an acting future. I am looking forward to the CD. Like it or not, he is often referred to as the wrong winner, the worst Idol etc. Ten years down the road , may prove him to be one of the most successful. Right now, I’d say the money is on Carrie Underwood, since she has a great voice and look, and country fans tend to stick with their stars. rosie

  4. I got hooked on that A.I. board; Gray-Haired Dude and WiseGuy who had this very cool site devoted to Taylor’s pre-Idol tunes with a constantly running jukebox were participants that helped make it very fun. Gray Charles made an occasional appearance there as well. Good times.

    Where there’s a will – and Hicks has plenty of that – there’s a way. (I’m not talking Bill Will by the way. lol)
    Cheers rosie.

  5. rosem15 says:

    Sunny/spinshack, I know you have less time on your hands, than me. One of your old foes, has become fixated with me, since you and Yasm, have not been posting on Asses. OMG. Help! The women needs major mental help, and seems to be declining more each day. I wish I had your email. Rosie

  6. […] unknown wrote an interesting post today onTaylor Hicks Knocking, Providence Opening the Door « Sunnyâ??s Spin …Here’s a quick excerptYou see, Mr. Hicks has said he’s on a new pathway toward a possible new age marketing idea, an idea concocted within the secluded walls of the show’s producers and Mr. Hicks’ “people”. This national touring production of “Grease” … […]

  7. spinshack says:

    rosie, let’s see if I can guess who they might be… I’ll shoot you an email.

  8. Zippo says:

    I’m sorry, but I am skeptical of this whole arrangement. I strongly doubt Taylor will gain any new music fans from this. Most people attending Grease, who are not Taylor Hicks fans, are there to see a show – PERIOD. And just because he sings one song, does not mean they will run out and buy his CD and the ones that do buy it, it is a drop in the bucket, numbers wise. Did the shadow tour work during the AI tour? No, it didn’t! The masses still did NOT buy his CD! The only reason that CD sold in the first place was the AI hype.

    The only way to sell CDs and downloads to the masses – the good, old fashioned way..radio airplay!!

    I’ve said this before and I will say it again, you cannot tour, unless you sell your music! Touring nation-wide cost millions of $$$$$.

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