Spreading the Taylor Hicks’ Love: It’s Christmas!

I had an email from someone who wishes to remain anonymous for what ever reason, regarding a question they had about my blogging. I was asked why I’m featuring the occasional other blogs I visit or frequent, in my posts of late. One of their questions, why direct traffic off of my blog, bring attention to other sites which may take away from my site?

My reply to you, dear One More Anonymous and Curious Person, Taylor Hicks, of course. Just spreading some of the Taylor Hicks fan information and on-line ‘magic’, so to speak, around. You see, there are still a few blogs talking Taylor Hicks, perhaps not in ridiculous school girl way but in more of a discussion format; the way we once talked Taylor on Gray Charles in the days it was a great blog to visit.

Too, ’tis the season, the season of goodwill and ‘cheersing’, to quote Mr. Hicks off one of the audio posts he made on that late Gray Charles blog. I’d like to have the option of a community of realists, at least to a certain definition of realist, the definition that can be found in this realm of on-line worlds and identities, in which we might wander in a peaceful, but lively community. One in which we can accept one another rather than simply castigate and ridicule each other over opinions or thoughts about Taylor (or other artists). Omit mind controlling intimidation techniques,lock-step thought processes. Share other music, talk other artists, as the mood strikes, and of course, follow this Taylor Hicks character on his winding and rolling road.

I found this Taylor Hicks video today while looking for something Hicks related – first time I’ve heard this song that I’ve actually liked it. Instrumentals add much to it, this better than off the CD. Too bad the ending is chopped a bit short, though.
“Just to Feel This Way”

thanks to marthagartha

Of course there are some posters hesitant to let others play in the fan sandbox in harmony. My words to those police minded folks, and I mean this in the most humorous way; someone eventually shoots the sheriff. Here’s my wish to a semi-peaceable kingdom where the wildebeast and the lions can all wander among the watering holes in a semblance of harmonic anarchy.

vid c/o Appleturnover321


6 Responses to Spreading the Taylor Hicks’ Love: It’s Christmas!

  1. Xmas Angel says:

    Sunny, you’re blog is still the best! Read it every day. Merry Xmas to you and your family!

  2. itsallgrey says:

    Great post!

    I might be the only one who thinks this, but do you think “Just to Feel That Way” is in the wrong key…or something…for Taylor? I mean, he always seems to be stretching with his vocals, on this song.

  3. chill says:

    Of all the songs on his CD, this one isn’t one of my favorites. This isn’t a bad version though.

    Good post, spin! You said it best, paraphrasing, we have more in common than not. 🙂

  4. willpen says:


    Cheersin’ from one Taylor Hicks fan to another. May this year bring music and joy to everyone’s lives and may the music continue to inspire us all.

    Here’s to 2009 and some new Taylor music…

  5. spinshack says:

    Cheersing to all of you. Great to see you here and over at IDOL BLUES.

    Xmas Angel, good to know you’re around. 😉

  6. rosie says:

    Happy Holidays Sunny and everyone who reads this blog. This song is one of my favorites but it is a hard song to sing. I like the CD version. By the way I like the new blogs and posters.

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