Casey James Does CowTown & Richardson

Casey James was all over the FOX 4 News yesterday morning and had an entire hour devoted to him. (Of course.) Initially he seemed overwhelmed by the attention, possessing a deer in the headlights look, but as the day progressed he loosened up considerably. His Texas drawl, by the evening was back in full force. I think getting out of the Idol ‘prison’ and back into Texas, even though we were in the midst of a heavy duty monsoon rain, he started to feel more himself. Inclement weather all day yesterday made for indoor activities only. Well, except for the “concert” he put on last night at the Richardson Wildflower Festival. (If you can call three songs a concert.)
Casey James performs at Richardson’s Wildflower Festival

Casey James at Wildflower Festival

Thanks for all the intrepid and stealthy videographers. I never get away with secret filming.


6 Responses to Casey James Does CowTown & Richardson

  1. jerseyirish says:

    spin, Sorry to hear about the rainout. He did relax more as the day went on saw the vids you put up on twitter he went into the crowd twice, brave youngman. He is very talented and his good looks and easy way have helped him alot. Glad he made it to the final three. Don’t think he can knock Crystal out of the final two maybe he can beat Lee this week and make it to the finale.


  2. Sunny says:

    Now you cast some votes for him JI, he needs every single one he can to be in the finale. Thanks in advance. lol

  3. rosie says:

    Sunny, You are Spinning him cause he is local and hot looking. The top 3, top 10, leave a lot to be desired. Guess he is as good as any. Watched AI 5 top 3 today and all the top 12 weeks. Season 5 had the best top 10. Paula is missed as one of 3 who recognized raw talent and/or a good contestent. I so loved Idol and thought it would be #1 for 15 yrs. Sadly, several sitcoms with way less than AI’s share have been smarter over the past 40 yrs. Idol was a gem. I loved it, the undiscovered talent without the tragic scenerios,and I so enjoyed voting for a person I thought deserved to win a million dollar recording contract. I, and my 3 adult kids, used to FEEL the power of dialing in to vote for our fav. I suppose I’ll vote on Tues, but as you so well know now, but did not know in 06, so what.

  4. jerseyirish says:

    Spin, I’ll send votes Caseys way tomorrow, he is like the underdog at this point and would like to see him do well.

    Rosie, I didn’t start watching until season 5, didn’t get the whole voting thing right away, my daughter explained how it all worked then I started voting. Reading things they do on the show to sway the vote has kind of turned me off, wonder how much is real and how much is what they want. Guess the bottom line numbers they can’t play with or Taylor would have never won and probably Adam would have won last year over Kris.


  5. rosie says:

    Hahaha, had an after thought as I have a dirty mind today. Sunny you wish Casey had done Richardson.

  6. Sunny says:

    Hahaha rosie you GOT it! Yep, you know I’d hit that. šŸ˜›

    I can’t stand Lee’s scripted persona, the all shucks humble guy they’ve created. Hell he’s put out 2 CDs and had a show of his own, apparently in Chicago. He’s no noob to the business. Casey on the other hand is. Completely. Self taught, never any kind of lessons. Very modest upbringing.

    After this weekend, even TheD likes him, alot.

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