American Idol Top Five: Goat for the Worst

I’ve been so wrapped up in Life-Outside-the-Internet I forgot to hit “publish” over ‘here’ yesterday. THAT’s just how excited I am this year over American Idol.

One bright beam of celebrity light on Idol – Harry Connick, Jr. . Who knew Harry possessed such a fantastic, snarky sense of humor and that he very likely reads our very own, Vote for the Worst site? Exactly, a complete surprise to me but a quite cool one, cool at least compared to the past weeks of Shania Train/Twain and other ‘mentors’ who did not even spend much time with the struggling cast of Karaoke Hell. (Exclude Miley Cyrus, I must admit she wasn’t bad and did bring out some VFTW quality performances.)

Now that I’ve admitted Harry Connick is a new “hero” of mine; he bravely defined what many people have thought about the overused word, “pitchy” that has become a standard faux paux on the show by explaining it’s not really a musical definition. (It’s more correct to say someone is ‘out of tune’.) I am a sucker for a humourous guy and Harry was funny as well as entertaining.

Possible evidence he’s read the VFTW reviews, Mr. Connick Jr., in his sexy New Orleans drawl said my darling Casey sang like a goat, told wee Aaron, “Let’s get serious, wipe that stupid smirk off your face.” Of course, while smiling because you know you can say anthing to someone if you do it with a smile… I just wish he’d called Michael Lynche ‘Fat Mike’ but I can’t have everything.

For some odd reason, I began to wonder if Harry was perhaps considering taking on the Simon Cowell role – and what a spectacularly fantastic thing that would be. I could listen to his sugar sweet drawl and look at his lovely face, weekly during the season! Importantly, he’s damn straight not going to select any of the potential contestants for any sort of political or casting set up. He’d go for the actual talent, if there is any really out there, to put out on our televison screens.

Harry Connick, Jr. gave me some needed juice to continue to watch the show. I started out channel flipping but once I realized how interesting he was making it, I stayed tuned.

I must say I’m very pleased VFTW is backing Casey James and here’s to hoping he can outlast that rotund gob of cheese that is Michael Lynche and – if there is a miracle out there, kick The Chosen One – Lee DeBoringWyze out of the running. Crystal can stay, what the Hell, I rather like her Janis Joplin impressions.
“Blue Skies” Casey James

…nothing but blue skaaaaaaas from now on……..baaaa. Oh and remember, from now on it’s Goat For The Worst.


One Response to American Idol Top Five: Goat for the Worst

  1. jerseyirish says:

    Spin, Also thought Harry did a great job with all of them, he really seemed interested in the outcome for all of them. I think it was Aaron who said some of the mentors do not want them talking to them unless they are on camera, but Harry was just down to earth, alot of fun to be around and realy worked with them. I think he would make a great judge to replace Simon, not knowing his schedule don’t know if he could spare the kind of time that would be needed to dedicate to the show. I’ll be surprised if Big Mike doesn’t go next week, hoping the final 3 will be Crystal, Lee and Casey. Still think Crystal will take it, but Lee is really catching up on her, IMO.


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