A Writer’s Hiatus

February 27, 2011

Sometimes I wonder if I have a soul,
Sometimes I wonder if I have a heart…

So What if I watch myself bleed?
Aren’t they my choices, my own life to lead?
Or does that make me a monstrosity,
a freak of nature, and empty figurine?

So let me be, just let me wallow,
I’ll find a new path for me to follow.
Stay away from civilized men,
make my home in a barren den.

I cannot care for other’s pain,
I never bothered my souls black stain.

To this mounting madness my life will succumb,
such a beautifully numbing wonderful craze.
I’ll live my life in this demented haze,
running ’round my psychotic maze,
frenzied will be the rest of my days.

And while I wander amongst my mind’s graves,
the final testament to my old sane ways,
I call upon my blackened soul,
to lead me to my new, dark home,
the brink of hell, where my missing heart lays.