Happy Birthday?

Certainly my birthday weekend hit well shy of the previously anticipated bash it was initially planned out to become but it was what it was. Instead of jetting off to party and have a great time in the beautiful state of Alabama I wound up being rather forceably hauled by The DMan to the local torture chamber referred to as a hospital last Friday.

Gone went plans to have a fun weekend of football, (Roll Tide!) and a nice little Taylor Hicks concert in B’Ham at one of the man’s fave stomping (whomping?) grounds. We had our flights set, tickets to the game, the concert and plans to stay with friends’ in T-Town and now this had to happen. Notably I’ve been completely discouraged and depressed about how things turned out.

I’d felt a flare up coming on for the past couple of weeks; the signs all lining up: fatigue, aches and pains, the fever. I’d hoped I would maintain that level; I can deal with the pain and fever but when it hits my lungs/heart I can’t overlook that aspect. My lungs began hurting last week, Tuesday-ish then the heart palpatations hit. Thursday I was cruising on some nice prescription pain medication; hydrocodone Bitartrate with acetaminophen. Really felt rather optimistic it would all work out. I’d just ingest the pain meds and still be able to travel and hit that BAMA game, visit our friends in T-Town and incredibly meet some of my on-line friends at the Workplay, Taylor Hicks concert.

It was to be a first for me to actually try and meet with some of the Hicks’ fans and I was looking forward to it so much. I was attending the show with Sis and our T-Town galpal but sadly none of this was able to be. Our friends sold the tickets easily for the BAMA game and gave the Taylor Hicks concert tickets to a couple of UA students interested in seeing Mr. Hicks for a first time.

It’s still setting badly and sadly for me. This disease, Lupus, is such a bastard. One can never tell when it might swoop in and hit, how long the duration of the flare up might last or how severe the flare up might be. Each time it is different. I get apprehensive to try and schedule anything or plan trips, anything far into the future because so often this black creature of a disease hits me, stopping what I am planning to try and do. The docs think it was stress that triggered it this time. I have been very busy with work, with the band, with planning this trip, my kiddo has had much going on in school; my system just went into revolt. Before I ever had this condition my Mother use to comment all the time how I ‘burnt the candle at both ends’ – I was always full on go, limitless energy, very active. It is hateful to me to not be able to burn that candle like I could before, to have to stop when what I want is to do and to go.

This time when the chest pains hit The DMan was certain I was going down with a heart attack. I knew it was not the case. I was experiencing chest pain along with the lung pain, and with lupus this occurs. The lining of the heart simply oddly becomes inflamed, causes shortness of breath as in a heart attack but it’s not the same thing, although some lupus sufferers even children, have experienced heart attacks and strokes.

It seems people of Asian, Native American, Black, Jewish and Scandinavian descent more prone to auto-immune diseases. I happen to have Native American, Jewish and Scandinavian heritage in my genetic gene pool. I was diagnosed with this disease shortly after my darling 11 year old was born; apparently in people of Scandinavian descent it is common for it to be a later onset regarding our genetic structure and hits between 30 and 40 on the average. Studies continue with how and why this occurs and my daughter is subjected to blood screens annually to track her condition as this auto-immune disease can be hereditary. I pray she never gets it. Lupus Foundation – symptoms Lupus information.

I felt so badly I wasn’t able to even look at the blogs or twitter until this morning. I was sent home from the hospital yesterday as the medication received kicked in rapidly lowering my inflammation. I’ve still got to take heavy doses of the anti-inflammamatory medication but at least I’m not strapped into a bed with IV’s.

There will be other Alabama football games and I’m sure other concerts but I really hate that I had to miss the past weekend. I felt like writing this down this morning as I’ve found it therapeutic, blogging what I’m thinking no matter how asinine or mundane. For a few days this weekend I was quite depressed but that is a big enemy with this condition. I can’t let it get me mentally or it will own me. I can’t be Lupus I’ve got to be me and if I let it take me over I will lose me and then what’s the point?
Kings of Leon – Closer
“She took my heart, I think she took my soul
With the moon I run
Far from the carnage of the fiery sun

Driven by the strangled vein
Showing no mercy I do it again”


16 Responses to Happy Birthday?

  1. rosie says:

    Damn Sunny I’m so sorry and I feel sad. I feel like you are a friend and I’m invested in your well being. Take care and follow the doctors orders and glad you have your guy there to help you thru this awful auto immune disease.

  2. […] https://spinshack.wordpress.com/2009/09/29/happy-birthday/and a nice little Taylor Hicks concert in B’Ham at one of the man’s fave stomping (whomping?) grounds. We had our flights set, tickets to the game, the concert and plans to stay with friends’ in T-Town and now this had to happen. … […]

  3. Sunny says:

    Thank you rosie. Yeah he’s a rock. I wanted to throw him like one, lol for making me go in, but it’s good he did.

    I am so sad though, that I did not get to go.

  4. jerseyirish says:

    Sunny, I know it was a disappointment to miss B’Ham but bottom line you and your health are much more important. Give DH a extra hug from all your online friends for making you go and get back on track!!!


  5. YKW says:

    Sunny, that fucking SUCKS. I know you’re so damn mad and disappointed, and I feel for you, baby. There will be other moments, there will be other venues, there was, perhaps, some great unknown reason for you to sit this one out.

    *What is there was present, some stalker-riffic poster of yours? Someone who made Stuart look sane? OMG, maybe Stewie HIMSELF??!? What if this someone was lying in wait for you, decided to grab you and keep you for their own, “Misery”-style??!? “Write a blog about how much Taylor loves cold pizza with black olives and anchovies!!!”, they would wail, and you would be forced to comply, for your very survival!!

    *What if some misinformed crafter had custom made you your own glittery “I *heart* Hicks” shirts… one for every day of the week? Being in such close quarters with such a tight group, well… you would have HAD to wear at least Saturday’s and Sunday’s versions… *shudder*

    *What if, unaware, you were dragged into a group of fans, and suddenly a small muppet-like doll, covered with buttons and bling, was pressed into your hands. Suddenly, a flash of light and a shouted command “SAY CHEESE!!!” And, filled with deep dread, you knew for certain something was rotten, and it wasn’t the limburger.

    See??! See??!! Thank God you’re safe!!!


  6. aspo1 says:

    aww sunny im so gutted for you . But im happy your home and on the mend , it cant be easy for you . You have people close to you who can care for you and us lot around the world who wish you well and will say a little prayer for you at this pain in the ass time keep smiling and we’ll smile with you , luv yeah.xx

  7. spinshack says:

    Thank you aspo1. Nice to see you on the Spinshack. xxx

    YKW you made my damn day, of course! Nice coming to after a nice pain pill slumber to read that! Now that wee muppet could that have been Bert? *giggle*

    Stu wouldn’t have been there, drat that, he was out in about in Berlin it seems promoting safe sex. I am serious. hahahahahaha>> I have video and may post link in another blogpost. Watching the vid you can see the devil dance in his blue eyes; good stuff.

    You are my Forever Valentine. Love you.

  8. YKW says:

    Who?? Me??!!?!?


    Love you, too, Cupcake. *mwah!!*

  9. littlewing says:

    Aw Sunny, I had no idea. So sorry the Lupus has reared its ugly head again. As stated above, I guess the whole Taylor/Bama trip just wasn’t meant to be this time. I am sort of the ‘burn the candle at both ends’ type also, so I feel your frustration at not being able to go full steam. You’re such a treasure to your blog friends and your family is lucky to have you. Glad to see you back posting, and keeping you in my prayers for a hasty and full recovery.

  10. NotaTard says:

    I understand from the word, there were a lot of people looking for you in B’Ham. It would have been great fun but who knows what sort of fireworks we’d have witnessed.

    Man hitting a Big Birthday date and getting impaled by lupus certainly not the best but stop scaring The DMan, he’s going to have a heart attack well before you ever actually do. I feel for that poor bastard. lol

  11. chill says:

    There will be another time, Sunny. I mean, Sunshine. πŸ™‚

  12. itsallgrey says:

    So sorry, Sunny. Glad you’re feeling better…and don’t worry, Hicks will have another concert. I mean, what else is he going to do? ahhahaa

  13. rosie says:

    Spin, hope your body/health/condition has improved greatly over the past two days. There are way more online Hicks fans and buds who care about you than have posted. Some are shy. I love and admire you for not being shy or passive in your life. Hugs to you for being you, and you were my first online bud. Thanks for you acceptance of me as it meant a lot. Rest your bod while engaging your mind and thoughts in whatever.

  14. Linn says:

    Your column is always on my list to “check” for insights about my …er…. “hobby”. I’m so sorry you had to miss such an epic event but I’ve been where you are and life WILL bring you bigger and more momentous days. (I just hope I’m there when it does.)
    Take care and mind the medicine man. Sending prayers and good wishes,

  15. spinshack says:

    Thank you Rosie for your words. I am feeling better; taking the drugs and my vitamins making a difference. I hate being on steroids but if it has to be for a short time, it has to be. They do certainly pick a person up.

    Hi Linn, I just read the best review over the show and it does sound like it was EPIC. Great REVIEW.

  16. hicksaholic says:

    I am just reading about your sad change of plans and feel awful for you. I know you were terribly disappointed- I would have been. I hope there is another shadow date in your future. I’m a War Eagle but hate you missed two great times, an SEC football game and a Taylor Hicks concert. Hope you are doing better and hope to meet you in the future.

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