Chris Daughtry Serenades Virgins

Voters, that is. Who knew? Chris Daughtry has sold 400 Billion copies worldwide. Yeah, with a “B”. I was wondering why he was releasing that same CD albeit with a few new tweaks and additions, and I am seeing the light now. That CD, following Chris’ fourth place ‘outster’ from that reality show, has been an enormous fat bellied cash cow. Can I get a “Mooo-lah”?

I read that stat from an article concerning Mr. D recording Foreigner’s 1977 hit, “Feels Like the First Time” for CNN. Chris Daughtry has been enlisted, so to speak, by CNN, to create the theme song for the cable news networks’ League of First Time Voters initiative. As the title of this initiative says, the League of First Time Voters, purpose is to get those virgin voters excited and motivated to get out and hit that ballot box.

It’s really a sad commentary on our country’s state of the affairs – the rampant voter apathy and the massive lack of concern the average American has for who’s calling the shots up on The Hill. So many Americans abstain from allowing themselves to soak up news, information and facts on the politicians striving to be elected, then cry foul when they find they’ve got a Fox in the Hen House. It’s also sad considering the attention and the fervor attached to the reality show, American Idol and the mass amount of folks who expend so much time and energy following the contestants of their choice and casting those telephone ballots.

Certainly I’m the last to cast judgment stones at A.I. watchers as I’ve been hooked by the gills every season, cast my phone in votes. But, I’m also a news junkie who keeps her eye on elections, local and nationally, and I participate. I admit to not engulfing myself head over heels this Presidential campaign up until recently. My reason for that, most of the time in the early stages (and this campaign did start early) there was so much bullshit and politically correct rhetoric to sludge through.

I was fascinated with Hillary Clinton’s daring bid for the top office, especially in light of the past controversies she and hubby were embroiled within during their time in the White House. There is a side of me that very much admires that lady, she has a steel spine and an iron will. (Gee, that sounds almost trite. Hillary affects me that way.) I’d never voted for her, but I am fascinated just the same.

Regarding the current candidates, my mental jury is still out. I find it near fairy-tale, the overall fan fair surrounding Obama; at least the women at the rallies have stopped fainting. Perhaps those A.I. devotees who have coined the word, “thud”, this is what was meant. That makes me wonder, just think of the genius if someone would have started a campaign with T-shirts and posters, “I Thud for Obama”. That’s rather catchy. Maybe the fainting would have continued, that at least, was entertaining.

Now McCain, he’s definitely got the experience in the bag and he’s carrying the War Prisoner badge of courage. My political leanings over the past couple of decades have switched from the left to more a more conservative viewpoint. The more education I have received about the meanings and goals behind each party, the more I realized I identified with the right. So many of the tenets of the Left contain such heavy Socialistic rhetoric and theories that I find them disturbing. Certainly too, the big Leftist proponents seem to be the ones who charge forward with some of the most vicious counterattacks. Often the folks speaking out for the Donkey Party are found to be such loons that it takes drastically away from the party’s appeal.

Ultimately, in the real world arena of voting for our country’s leaders, it will come down to who inspires me to click that button in the booth. Right or wrong, and be damned with that popular opinion, it will be my choice. That’s the beauty of the whole election process. That message ultimately the one that CNN is trying to convey in their League of First Time Voters initiative.

Returning to the Chris Daughtry and season five of American Idol topic, since Daughtry has come to the forefront as being one of that reality shows biggest money makers, do I think I got it wrong that season? I mean, look at the facts in the real world; Chris Daughtry has gone on to smoke the charts in popular opinion with those 400 Billion records sold – Taylor Hicks is still in the ‘struggling musician’ category, if you hold by the numbers. Denial aside, Taylor Hicks proponents, facts are facts. Certainly the man’s got a devoted fan base, but he’s not raking in the numbers, the figures that artists who have ‘made it’ make. Never being one to just run with the pack of popular opinion, popular choice or not, Mr. Hicks was and remains my reality show favorite. Taylor Hicks was the one who inspired me to pick up the phone back then, and after it is all said and done, he still inspires me.

Fantasizing for a moment, perhaps if the voting public could vote via phone from their living rooms we’d have a bigger “turn out”. Add to that, more televised coverage of the candidates speaking. Taking it one step further, how about a new reality show: “American Presidential Candidates”. It could begin at the start of the bid for office and continue through to the bitter end. Just imagine the ratings bonanza! (FOX are you listening?) Just think, MacDonalds could have special Happy Meal toys featuring fun facts, slogans and figurines of the candidates, like they do with American Idol. It’s a given who’d be the Chosen One for the show’s opening and closing tunes, it would be That Guy with 400 Billion albums sold, right CNN?

“Crashed” Daughtry

video c/o semolinacustard


10 Responses to Chris Daughtry Serenades Virgins

  1. willpen says:

    WOW Sunny! What else can I say about this great post. We may not agree ideologically on everything but we come from the same place within. It is nice to see that some people just “GET IT”.

  2. spinshack says:

    From the moment I read you, I knew we could relate to one another.

  3. lwing says:

    I seem to recall an article about a year ago that said 19 was considering having politicians on the local level competing on Idol. I thought at the time what huge implications that could *potentially* have on our political process. The media and politicians are already pretty danged cozy, so why not? LOL.

    With the news that Obama will be announcing a veep this Saturday, I am starting to get a little ramped over the upcoming Presidential election (finally). I am like you and don’t know what the hell direction I will go in, except, I’ve always leaned conservative, and now find myself tilting a little to the left. I really do like Joe Biden, cause politics aside, he’s very astute at foreign affairs and I do like his personality. If Obama picks him…it may possibly pull me over to the Obama camp. 🙂 Oh, and I’ve never voted for Hillary either, but ya gotta give it to her. She’s a tough and classy lady.

  4. spinshack says:

    Man, I like you, lwing.

  5. lwing says:

    well hey I like you too spin, enough to post on your excellent blog. Since you’re from TX and I’m from TN, we probably share some of the same philosophies. I’m not getting too excited over McCain. I should be reading political blogs instead of TH blogs, heh. But it’s getting down to the wire here and time to start researching all this stuff out. Joe Lieberman, a moderate whom I like, is rumored to be McCain’s running mate, which I think would really help him out. Decisions, decisions. I just hope whoever wins can unite the country once again. You know the old saying, “a house divided”….

    It seems that Daughtry is riding higher than ever, and I say good on him. Not a huge Foreigner fan, but liked a few of their songs back in the day. It’s a pretty huge compliment, and an honor, for Chris to be given kudos by Mick Jones and to be involved in a get out the vote initiative like the League of First Time Voters.

  6. lwing says:

    well shit, I closed the tags after the world “should”, or at least thought I did. 🙂 Sawry for all them I-talics.

  7. spinshack says:

    lwing, I was watching Hannity and Combs tonight, what a scream fest they had on, getting more like the Heckle and Jeckle hour. lolz. That idea of McCain and Lieberman, – I have to research this but a Republican President and Dem VP? That might just be bizarre enough to be genius. I’ve always liked Lieberman, he’s an unusual politician. He doesn’t sit in a single party mold and close his mind.

  8. spinshack says:

    Man, that’s one hell ( regarding web site link in above post) hole y’all need step away from, once DAH was playing at being “witty and smart” next thing you know they’re throwin’ poison darts. Sounds like a bunch of silliness to me. Grow up chil’run.

    Chill out “ladies”.

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