Teflon Tim vs The Double Elimination Monster

April 13, 2010

This is it Tim Urban. Time to see if that coating of extra thick teflon can carry you through to another week. Time to shine like the sparkle off your brilliantly white teeth. This is the dreaded double elimination week; strategically set up utilizing Mike Lynche as the kingpin to attempt to knock you off American Idol.

This ruse has worked in the past when certain pesky contestants stayed past their welcome in the eyes of the show’s producers. The Idol Gives Back special is looming in the near future and as ridiculous as it sounds, the show may prefer to have Tim gone. I know, I can’t imagine that charitable special without Urban. It’s a complete mistake considering he’s done Christian charitable causes work in the past; we’re talking experience here folks, plus Urban is one of the only contestants bringing some much needed entertainment to this season.

Not that I’m biased, but it would make more sense to see Aaron “Yoda” Kelly, who has evidenced a complete lack of emotion and personality voted off the show, or that goggle wearing guy, Garcia, who seems to be pissed off every episode when the camera zooms in on him. Neither one can claim much more talent promise than Urban who has shown nothing but positivity and class during his struggle-filled tenure on the show. What Tim possesses that those other two contestants lack, definable charm, positive attitude and an incredibly toned and cut set of abs….that should count for something, right? Right.

Vote for the Worst founder and American Idol bullshit spotting guru, Dave Della Terza, was interviewed by AOL Television about the site’s longest running Idol pick. Dave explained what he loves about Tim Urban and what the site participants appreciate about the guy:
Tell us, in your own Vote for the Worst words, what makes Tim Urban so special.

“He just doesn’t seem to care. I mean, he cares, but he doesn’t take it seriously, which is something that we always love in the Vote For the Worst contestants. I mean, when we had Sanjaya coming out with a ponyhawk or singing to the crying girl — we love that stuff. People seem to take ‘American Idol’ so seriously, so when one of the contestants like Norman Gentle isn’t taking it seriously, we love that. The fact that Tim Urban just isn’t taking himself seriously and all the other contestants are getting so upset if they’re on the bottom and he’s just laughing it off — that’s awesome. He clearly is making everyone angry, because he knows he’s on borrowed time. He knows he isn’t supposed to be there, but he’s just having fun with it.”

Each week Dave is surprised and elated at the success of retaining Urban to sing another week. Granted the crowd at Vote for the Worst can’t take all the credit, Tim Urban has a small legion of fans outside the Worster box in the form of teen and tween-age girls as well as the fans he held here in Texas prior to the competition.

Donna Reynolds who has been writing and blogging about American Idol from the beginning of the show (I think) wrote in Syracuse.com:

“In what some are calling the most boring season of ‘American Idol’ ever, there has been one rather compelling element, and that is the continuing survival of Tim Urban in the competition…
But in a season that has been as dull as dishwater (how dull is dishwater, anyway), the excitement generated by Tim’s continuing survival is making this season a little more enjoyable. I urge you to help by voting for Tim this week!”

USA Today has a positive write up following Tim’s Lennon and McCartney week performance.

“Tim brings out the hollowbody electric (and a Beatles hairstyle) for All My Loving, which he gives sort of a Plain White T’s shuffle. Honestly — and I kind of hate to say it — he gets this song inside and out, and he’s doing just the right things with the melody and rhythm, and he’s actually playing to his strengths.”

It’s true, there have been some who have praised Tim but he also has amassed a large contingency of detractors here and abroad. Stuart Heritage of Hecklerspray.com, one of the top voted sites in the UK, (and perhaps the world as he likes to indicate) has taken notice of Tim. Mr. Heritage added his two cents about what he thought of Tim in a piece he put together last week.

“Every second that Tim Urban stays on American Idol feels like an eternity of being kicked in the balls. That’s no exaggeration. It feels like we’ve been waiting for years to see the floppy-haired, perpetually wrongheaded Osmond cyborg get eliminated from American Idol, and it still hasn’t happened yet.”

Tim Urban is going to need all the help he can get THIS week, he’s facing the daunting challenge of beating the dreaded “Double Elimination Week” after the judge’s panel unanimously agreed to save Michael Lynche who, last week, was depicted as receiving the lowest votes. This week viewers will see two people voted off, likely candidates may be Tim Urban, that Katie girl, Aaron Kelly and Goggles Garcia.

Tim’s time on this show has been the classic Underdog story. Initially he was cast aside for past contender, Chris Golightly who was disqualified on an unconfirmed technicallity. The show reinstated Urban but likely did not expect him to progress much farther than that first week (24). Urban has been met with unabashed and harsh criticisms from the judging panel week after week with the exception of this past week. Tim has smiled and thanked the judges no matter what they’ve said to him. Most contestants met with even half the vitriole that Urban has faced have cried and lost confidence. Tim Urban is the epitome of qualities that makes the Underdog champion so likeable, he’s a poster boy for the power of positive thinking.

Tim Urban at The Door, Dallas, Texas (his local band)

Tim Urban, Original song

Tim Urban ‘Teh’ Actor:

“Should I Stay or Should I Go?” The Clash