The Karaoke Horror Picture Show?

(c/o Myndrunner from VFTW)
Vote for the Worst has a new pick for the honor of being chosen for The Worst. It’s sad that Tim Urban’s now gone, but time to move forward, he’s so last Tuesday anyway. Seems the guy professes no love for the VFTW site anyway, so no love lost on either side.

Now the “notorious” VFTW site is focusing is on Siobhan Magnus, whom, almost presciently, many of us on the site found to be really a near perfect choice, way back in February.

The timing on this seems about right. Entering into the Top Six and with Crystal seemingly all ready crowned The Winner, Lee Dewyze and his boring Dave Matthews impersonations the potentially second place finisher, Casey James with his electric guitar playing, vocals a cross between Huey Lewis and Eddie Veddar and that Jessica Simpson hair possibly taking him to third place. I can’t imagine who or what is voting for teeny weeny Aaron Kelly – perhaps he has a very large familial following.

Big Mike Lynche is currently coming under scrutiny for his alledgedly using his time on this reality karaoke show to draw in ridiculous groupies and cheating on his wife. A caller into the Kiss 106.1 FM radio show wrote,

“I live in Dallas and just heard a caller on KISS FM 106.1 who said she is friends with the contestant rooming with Big Mike. Her friend, got to assume Timmy or Casey, Alex or Todrick since she’s a DFW caller, told her that Big Mike isn’t the family man he touts himself that he constantly brought back groupie chicks to his room. His roommate claims it’s distracting and hard to focus because of Big Mike and his cheating ways.”

Granted this is just ‘heresay’ but where there’s smoke… Big Mike certainly gives out that ‘I’m so full of myself’ sort of vibe. Touting himself as a personal body builder/trainer in the beginning of this season is also proving to be ridiculous – weekly the guy’s girth spills more and more over the top of his pants and his ass increasingly eclipses the Idol stools.

I’ve not liked him since the beginning when he remained at the show while his wife labored and gave birth to their baby alone and continued to milk the child mentions at every opportunity for the sympathy factor for votes.

That leaves us with Siobhan Magnus – from the initial auditions I saw her Worster worth and she’s at the very least unique and interesting. She showed tremendous entertainment potential in the early weeks, but has badly stumbled and fumbled the past several weeks in song selection and stylings of the tunes.

With The Vote for the Worst site backing her I could see her blowing Blow-Hard Mike and Wee Aaron out of the water in the next two weeks. Even Casey, if he doesn’t step up his game just a bit and become less predictable, could get knocked out. James needs another “Jealous Guy” or he’s Dead Contestant Walking soon too, perhaps even before Teeny Aaron or Fat-Roll Mike.

Here’s to enjoying the last several weeks of this show and hoping Siobhan brings the Rocky Horror back soon.
So much potential those early days…

It’s astounding, time is fleeting Madness takes its toll, But listen closely, not for very much longer…


One Response to The Karaoke Horror Picture Show?

  1. jerseyirish says:

    Spin, Siobhan has really cracked under the pressure. Her song choices and performances are lacking. She really has a great voice but is not living up to her potential, feel bad for her every week that she just isn’t cutting it. The screeching was getting on my nerves she just doesn’t need that with her range.

    I still think the top 3 will be Crystal, Lee and Casey. Casey does need to step it up and show he is more than a rocker boy, but I think his good looks and raspy voice may carry him to the final three.


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