Under Pressure: Seacrest Coming Out?

Ryan Seacrest may not be ‘coming out’ in the usual way that terminology is used, as in “Hi, I’m not hetero” but he’s certainly coming out of his past-seasons’ slightly more reserved, self. Likely since Paula Abdul’s unconventional, sometimes whacky and erratic, yet oddly endearing behavior is being missed on the show, Ryan seems poised, willing and able to step up and be her replacement.

After last week’s shows the on-line blogs have been buzzing with tales speculating what’s really up with Ryan this year. Is it the fact the show seems headed for derailment, is it Simon Cowell’s impending departure? A combination of the two or something else entirely? Too, Seacrest tossed an insult veiled as a joke at past Idol co-host, Brian Dunkelman, which was out of place and out of the normal character that Seacrest has embraced on the show.

One of the most off the wall moments from last week was Seacrest verbal sparing with guest mentor and last season’s runner up, Adam Lambert. The sticky situation surrounded discussion of Lambert’s ‘famous’ tongue thrusts while singing. Seems the discussion was about talented tongues…

Then while Tim Urban, whom Ryan dubbed “T’Urban” sang “All My Lovin” Seacrest danced in the aisles with another guy… Initially it was believed to be former contestant, Michael Sarver but apparently that was not the case.
“All My Lovin'” Tim Urban

Now I did not see any dancing going on but it is a nice video of Tim Urban providing a more than decent performance.

Apparently too, Seacrest a fan of the T’Urban, having to cop a feel of Timmeh’s fabulous upper arms in a ‘caught on camera’
muscle feel-up.

So, (a.) Is Ryan Seacrest losing his ever loving mind? (b.) Is Seacrest on pharmaceuticals or the magic herbs? (c.) Or is Ryan just so damn bored with this season he’s ‘bringing back the Abdul’ for comedy relief? Is (d.) Seacrest approaching too many careers exhaustion? Or (e.) All of the above. ?


4 Responses to Under Pressure: Seacrest Coming Out?

  1. Ange Bleu says:

    Haven’t been following AI much this season but imagine it would be most of the above, plus (f.) Is no longer inhibited in expressing hostility to Simon. (g.) Is genuinely angry about something but is not expressihg it in a coherent and understandable manner.

  2. Sunny says:

    Good additional points, Ange Bleu. lol

  3. jerseyirish says:

    Sunny, Tend to agree with Ange Bleu that he is angry about something, have noticed his behavior this season as not being very professional. His comments and actions at times are just out of line. DH thinks maybe he isn’t going to get the lion share of the show he wants once Simon leaves and he is lashing out, and acting like a jerk.


  4. Dee says:

    The AI judges and Ryan were on Larry King tonight and at one point Simon called Ryan “Madame”. It was funny poor Larry didn’t know what to make of it. LOL. Of course poor Larry King doesn’t know what is going on most of the time anyway. LOL.

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