Siobhan Magnus: The CapeCast Guy Coverage

The CapeCast Guy, Eric Williams, has created videos shedding more light on the roots and person behind reality karaoke show contestant, Siobhan Magnus. He brings information and tidbits of background that we’d likely not see during the American Idol coverage.

Apparently Siobhan’s Pop is also a singer, he’s featured in this video shot in Parker’s Shipwrecked Tavern. (Shades of our guys’ band and what has become our usual haunt, The Main Pub, come to mind.)

Alan Magnus sings “Simple Man” and “House of the Rising Sun” (…so that’s why she selected that song). The Cape Cast Guy likens them to the “Van Trapp Family” (Sound of Music) because of the family group band atmosphere but apparently, according to her sister, Emily, it’s more like The Adams Family.

Stephanie Gianno, of Marstons Mills, one of Siobhan’s best friends who has travelled to studio with her brother and Siobhan’s boyfriend, Joe speaks out about her friend in this exclusive video.

This video, shot in February of this year by The CapeCast Guy at Morrison’s Glassworks Shop; as viewers all ready know, Siobhan was apprenticing as a glass blower.

Shop owner, Brooks Morrison reminds me of a few a cousin of mine who specializes in wood works, wooden Indian flutes, in Utah. All the vibe talk, auras, sounds like family. I like Brooks’ response to the question posed by Eric Williams about American Idol, “I hate the show” – he’s all right by me.

Lest you think that The CapeCast Guy is only about Siobhan Magnus and American Idol, check out his site in which he presents stories in his humorous, articulate and visually enticing ways, daily in The Cape Cod Any further information that The CapeCast Guy might be able to ‘fish’ up such as more info on her band, Lunar Valve, their music, would be greatly appreciated.


4 Responses to Siobhan Magnus: The CapeCast Guy Coverage

  1. rosie says:

    Ooooh, thanks for these great finds. She comes from the land of the rich and artsy. Notice the decor of the friends home and even the glass blowing store is a cut above. She just has to be in the top 3 or 4, given the lack of talent and personality of the rest. I also think she is pretty and taller than most of the guys. Yep, I have a little Siobhan crush.

  2. Sunny says:

    It’s like Munchkin Land on Idol this season with Casey looking like a giant among the guys. LOL I’m finding more on her as I go along. Have you checked the blogspot or link yet? 😉

  3. jerseyirish says:

    Sunny, The more I see the more impressed I am with this very talented young lady. Her vocal range is incredible and she does it with such ease.

    Rosie, I said I wouldn’t be surprised if the final two are her and Crystal and what a finale that would be.


  4. rosie says:

    She brought it home tonight.

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