American Idol 9: Siobhan Magnus “Dark Horse” Indeed

Siobhan Magnus, for me, is the most interesting character this season on American Idol. It seems she has an intense backstory that she’s not exploited for sympathy or attention witnessed from many of the contestants, historically (and sometimes near hysterically) on this karaoke reality show. I hope you take a few moments, review this contestant’s youtubes and see for yourself what an absolute authentic jewel she is for the show this season.

Oddly during Hollywood week, Simon Cowell had called her a ‘dark horse’ in this competition and she had no idea what he meant by that. Perhaps she was thinking it a bit early to declare dark horse status or she’d never heard that terminology before. Either way, she is quite likely one to watch in the weeks ahead. In her on-line biographies information about her home life and her real life background scarce with the exception of:

“She sings for the band Lunar Valve and graduated from Barnstable High School in 2008. Oddly enough, Magnus is a glass-blowing apprentice and enjoys scary movies.

Naturally with her background in theatre, she’s gaining a comparison to last season’s Adam Lambert. There is a huge difference between she and Lambert, notably not the sexual differences but rather their back drop stories…. more to come.

Siobhan in a high school musical production:

Siobhan Magnus in the role of Belle in high school production of “Beauty and the Beast”.

Cape Cod Idol, the Siobhan support at the pizzaria with her high school choral teacher interview:

Her Hollywood week performance of “Living for the City” definitely shows some reason for the viewers’ assimilation comparison to Adam Lambert’s styling.

Bar video of one of Siobhan’s shows with her band, Lunar Valve in CapeCast. It may be that this CapeCast guy be rather like the WOOO Radio push Taylor Hicks’ enjoyed during his early days on the American Idol 2006 season run…

Granted not the best video/sound but it’s damn difficult without professional equipment to capture the live vs the tape during band performances.

One blogspot established to bring more Siobhan news can be found HERE or at her fan facebook feed HERE.


2 Responses to American Idol 9: Siobhan Magnus “Dark Horse” Indeed

  1. jerseyirish says:

    Spin,Wow thanks for the upclose and personal on Shiobhan. Watching these videos she sings effortlessly, it just flows no struggles hitting any note. I can see why Simon called her the black horse. She didn’t know what black horse meant, she has family locally in Pa and her Grandmothers sister said in an interview she was upset by the comment at first until they explained to her it was a compliment. My guess it is gonna come down to her and Crystal, that would make for some finale the two of them head to head. Didn’t take too much notice of either of them until the top 24 started, both perfromed strong and continue to do so.


  2. Sunny says:

    I agree JI, difference between them, I think this gal will come out vocally much more than Crystal will.

    Siobhan’s got every indication of being a real break through individual on this show. Signs point to her having the ability to do what other females on the show have not done and push that creative envelope.

    I do like Bowersox and she should do well this season, but Siobhan has ‘something’ extra. It’s a glimmering shiny thing, right beneath the surface that I don’t see in the others. lol

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