Hand in Her Pocket and a Harmonica Rig: Is She a Taylor Hicks?

Crystal Bowersox the new Taylor Hicks on American Idol? Well not really, since she’s wearing Jason Castro dreads and did not sing “Change a Gonna Come” nor have gray hair, or lean to the right and “WOOO”, (darn it) but I have to admit I did like her best of the night.

She’s not got the most stand out wild personality or the best vocals, but she talked some smack at Cowell and managed to handle a harmonica rig and play the guitar and sing relatively well simultaneously. People, that’s not easy.

There’s something about her casual matter of fact attitude that I find appealing too, she doesn’t get all school-kid-nervy like most of the female contestants do on the show. I enjoyed too that she didn’t get whored-up like Katelyn Epperly did, or wear a huge floral arrangement in her hair like 60% of them did last night.

Likely she’d be someone I’d like hanging with in the Big Real.

Here’s what she did last night:
Hand in My Pocket, Alanis Morrisette

Regarding the rest of the gals on the top 12, I’ll combine that with a recap with the Top 12 guys to be posted on Friday.


2 Responses to Hand in Her Pocket and a Harmonica Rig: Is She a Taylor Hicks?

  1. Ange Bleu says:

    Well, sort of. She’s cast in the same mold.

  2. Dee says:

    I’m not crazy about her. Her harmonica playing did not sound too good so I hope she just sticks to the guitar. It will be intesting to see if she can carry off any of the genre nights though. in her favor, she was better than most all the guys the next night BUT that’s not saying much. LOL.

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