American Idol 9 Neil Patrick Harris Shows Up Joe Jonas, Not So Much

American Idol came to Big D once again and wound up apparently inviting 31 aspiring Pop stars to Hollywood. Guest judging last night’s song-fest, Neil Patrick “Doogie Houser” Harris and Joe “Camp Rock” Jonas. The difference between the two guest judges incredible with NPH at least making some witty commentary whereas Joe sat hunched over the table awkwardly mumbling a few words now and then. Tragic really. Neither compared to the beauty that was Katy Perry last night.

Julie Kevelighan returned, she auditioned season one slaughtering “Lady Marmalade”. This time she shows up with so much glittery eyecake she barely can open her eyes, wearing a sequined dress I dare say she made herself with one of her Grandmother’s doilies decorating the top. She held a hideous sign that she created and carried on so delusionally that she inspired Neil Patrick Harris to declare her ‘annoying’.
“Hi Sparkle” ~ Neil Patrick Harris

No, no, no.

Lloyd Thomas is from the projects here in Dallas and is weary of his job as a dock worker, I mean who wouldn’t be? He delivers plenty of Dallas flavor with his local colloquillisms (“you better leave right now..”) so I like him. Lloyd pulls out a Stevie Wonder tune and does a decent job with it.

Sadly his taste of victory won’t take him past Hollywood.

I enjoyed Neil Patrick Harris’ verbal sparring with Simon, naturally “Good Bad and Ugly” music track utilized. I mean this is Texas.

Kimberly Carver delivers some North Texas Jazz Band sounds inspiring Simon to call her “Jazz TV”. Not sure what that is but I don’t really care.

She’s not long for the show and I’ll likely forget about her after I write this.

Time for another delusional contestant which brought us to Dexter Ward. The DMan amused me (he actually watched with me last night) comparing Dexter with Michael Irvin. Dexter has a cocky attitude as well and informed us that, ” I’m just being honest, the show is over.”

Well after he sang, it was over for Mr. Ward.

Barney and Friends ex-actress, Erica Rhodes, whips the panel into a frenzy with her rendition of the Barney song. I remember her very well, she was a precocious little girl and that quality remains, obviously. (A friend of mine worked for the show a number of years.) Her vocals are kind of high pitched and not that interesting for me.
Yes “Barney” girls grow up, “to be dirty little girls” ~ Neil Patrick Harris.
“I Love You, You Love me…”

Apparently she doesn’t crack that whip enough because she won’t get past Hollywood it seems. Back to the dino-show.

Dave Pittman came all the way from Arkansas, his interesting back story, he has Tourettes. Rather like how Mel Tillis could sing without stuttering, Dave can sing Tourettes free. “Crazy brave” Dave performed Sam Cooke’s “Bring it Back Home”.

He’s not going home, they put him through to Hollywood.

Miley Cyrus music played over the requisite montage of screaming hopefuls. Miley Cyrus? I guess because Joe Jonas was up next for his guest spot. I really have no clue. We’re welcomed back to “the round-up” by the cliche’ed horseback riding cowpoke image. Then an unnecessary explanation ensued of who exactly is Joe Jonas.

Todrick Hall, who came across as Mr. NiceNCharming performed a gooey song composed himself to smooze the show. Mr. Hall was in the Fantasia-starring “The Color Purple” . Goodie for him.

Joe Jonas just looked awkward and without any original thoughts floating through his lovely head.

Maegan Wright is from our lovely city of Richardson. She said it’s just she and her brother, her parents are divorced. So is she taking care of the boy alone? Anyway he’s borderline annoying. She has a passable voice, nothing really impressive, but it seems she brought half the city with her, now that was impressive.

Contestant Vanessa Johnston was so horrible you just must watch her, I had to: C’mon she’s a bouncing pink and purple wonder.

Loved the crotch tug. Nice touch.

Christian Spear 16 yr old Lukemia survivor, is the last of the night. She’s been in remission eight years now, so good on her. She hears those church bells ringing:

Her vocals did not particularly ring my bell but she goes through.

Next week the last for these audition rounds, but oddly we have to endure another Posh Spice appearance. Could the show not find anyone else?

Overall most of these kids will not have to sing this next tune, because they get to return soon.


3 Responses to American Idol 9 Neil Patrick Harris Shows Up Joe Jonas, Not So Much

  1. jerseyirish says:

    Spin, I don’t know what it is this year but all the vocals are just so, so to me. The only one that stood out to me was Matt Lawrence the BB gun youngman. All the other seasons there would be quite a few names that would stick with me as their voices caught me.

    I think Neil did a great job judging also. Him and Katy Perry would be good repalcements for Simon both a little snarky but in a nice way. Think either one would be good on the panel of judges. Joe Jonas seemed like he didn’t want to be there at all.

    This should be an interesting season, the talent pool isn’t what I am used to seeing on the show.


  2. Sunny says:

    So far so good for me too, it’s like we’re recycling contestants past too with some of them like that Garcia guy, he’s Gokey’s Hispanic twin. lol

  3. jerseyirish says:

    Spin, LOL that Garcia guy does remind me of Gokey now that you mentioned it. He had a nice voice, just no power to it. I tend to like the powerful raspy voices.


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