American Idol – Baby I’ll Give It One More Time

American Idol without Simon Cowell? Well seems that is true according to the announcement made by the man himself this past Monday. So, considering that it IS Simon Cowell’s last season on the show, I will definitely need to blog my always humble opinions of the show’s contestants and – oh what fun! – guest judges.

After last season I was thinking that this show was just getting too pedestrian, too predictable to bother with anymore. The ‘bloom had fallen off the rose’ for me. I mean seriously, think of it, after all of these past seasons there has been so few real success stories to emerge from the show, taking in context the enormous number of folks who have tried out and been on the program. Think back to season six, Blake Lewis, runner up, I’d forgotten him completely until I read this nice piece on the show this morning. There’s also a little mention of Taylor Hicks in the piece, but as always as the Idol side joke rather than example of Idol success.

Simon Cowell intends, through FOX, whom obviously they have complete faith in knowing what he's talking about, to bring his own show, UK sensation, X-Factor. Through the good folks at I managed to keep up with the show as much as I cared to this past season and it’s obviously wildly popular over there for about the same reasons Idol hits the sweet spot here: kooky contestants, verbose judges, interesting bursts of talent here and there. Perhaps now, since Simon’s dear ‘Pauler’ has been unceremoniously ousted from Idol she’ll find a position on the X-Factor show; they do play off one another quite charmingly.

Here’s to another, possibly the last season of the world’s best known reality karaoke show.

(yes it’s not A.I. rather, Canadian Idol, but love it)


One Response to American Idol – Baby I’ll Give It One More Time

  1. jerseyirish says:

    Well Season 9 started new faces, voices and stories to be told. So far I think the girls have it over the boys from what was shown last night. Its hard not to get caught up in it once it starts, you want to see how it unfolds throughout the season.

    I really enjoy your weekly recaps of the show, you are usually right on with your comments.

    LOL that farting vid, Lord she must have been embarrassed letting loose like that on TV.


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