IDOL BLUES is Now Closed; at Least for the Moment

Since announcing I may likely cease posting and shut down my Taylor Hicks’ fan Blogger site, IDOL BLUES, established in 2006, an odd resurgence of interest has awakened apparently to reread and review posts from 2007. Fans who hung out at the notorious SPLASH site and that den of evil, MFOYA, know the reasons behind that, I imagine. For those folks who missed all the verging on psychotic fun, just be glad you were not in the mix. It seems some sort of madness took hundreds perhaps thousands of women fans (and a few male fans) over and washed their minds with some sort of brain-bleach.

Victims of this past situation, that in hindsight reads like some sort of Machiavellian novel, were left slain by the virtual roadside with crassly drawn red marks slashed across their images. (In fact this seems to be still carried out today but on other persons of interest…*wink*) Sides were drawn and war of some odd sort waged between various web sites like some sort of Soul Patrol Civil War. (Wow, that might be a nice title…)

Considering I’ve not yet gone through and reviewed all the carnage that occurred on IDOL BLUES in the wake of that year of mass insanity and seeing how several folks seemingly, may be saving posts for their references, I decided it best I shut it down, eliminating for a short while, mass perusal. What they’ve taken they have but the door is closed now.

I will reopen the site, certainly, when I do its little fairwell blog, but whether I keep the blog alive and available on the net remains to be seen. It will very well depend on what may come of these little page saves taken from the site by some very interested individuals. I know other folks have saved many pages from the past, just interesting today the work going on in what seems to be an earnest form of archiving. It’s amusing yet brings back some of those 2007 stalker memories…

Come to think of it, if some of you like the site so much, it can be bought…

The Poachers’ Song


3 Responses to IDOL BLUES is Now Closed; at Least for the Moment

  1. rosie says:

    Dang, I’ve never read your 2007 posts, and now by posting this you tweaked my interest. Sunny, why would people want to copy pages from the past? What are they someday planning on taking you to court or are they planning on writing a book about Hicks fans? I do know of a few who keep notes on so called bad fans. They are still waiting for the day when Taylor thanks them for their copious dedication to cutting and pasting. rosie

  2. Sunny says:

    Hey Rosie, the 2007 posts were when I walked the wild side and played with ‘the devil’ hence the hatred toward me to this day. Seriously, initially when I found the MFOYA site it was as an accidental tourist. I made a random post on that site and became an immediate target for hate for that one post. That’s why I came to your defense in the beginning when you posted on Morph’s, etc… Been there… lol

    I wound up staying with the MF group after so many vicious-ass attacks were sent my way for my one post that day. I thought who the fuck are these nuts and why on earth would I want to know them anyway? haha It was enough to have me lose considerable interest in being a Hicks’ fan as well. Man, if this is what I’d be hanging with in concerts, no thank ya.

    My statcounter’s been blown up with what appears to be someone coming in under various proxies and copying/saving pages. Interesting. I’ve nothing for anyone to sue about since most material consists of back and forth with other websites, a few no longer operational.

  3. jerseyirish says:

    Sunny, Can’t understand why someone would do that, save pages from older posts from your blog. I wasn’t posting when MFOYA was around, but did read most of it, to me who really cared who he was with on that beach, that was between him and whoever he was with none of my business or any fans for that matter. Never felt the man owed anyone an explanation that was his private time and it was violated with those pics. That was a scary site, took me almost a year before I would post anywhere after reading that. Haha!! guess I’m just thinned skinned.

    Again I wish you the best in your next adventure in blogging, hope you don’t go away for good. Always enjoyed reading your posts and talking with you.


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