Viva Las Vegas, His Little Good Luck Charm: The Return of Taylor Hicks

Fairs and festivals have provided our little ol’ band from Texas a few venues to play and entertain some of the local folks – well to be honest, more like provide a bit of ambience and background music… But hey, for us that’s a fun thing to do and likely the most we’ll ever aspire to with our limited skills…

Taylor Hicks seems to think it might be a great way to go as well. Perhaps he’s missing the scent of animals in the pens at the petting zoos and the aroma of frying corn dogs and funnel cakes. I certainly know he must make a great deal more than our band does considering none of us ever won American Idol nor would have the brass to try out – ever.

This morning, on Twitter, Mr. Hicks sent out a tweet (Twitter slang for message) that he’s flying to Las Vegas, you know that town where he began his run at the Idol crown waaay back in 2005. Now, before you jump my er, ship, I know he won the show in 2006 but he began auditions in 2005. Anyway, Taylor Hicks excitedly wrote: “Going to Vegas!! To play for promoters of fairs and festivals across the country!”

Then, like always when he shoots out a tweet or puts up a twitpic, readers flock to comment, as witnessed on this page: Twitter Taylor Hicks live feed. Naturally the fans are excited for him, why, he did win A.I. by auditioning in Las Vegas, why not audition for more gigs in that same town? Obviously it’s his Good Luck Charm.

It’s a tough life out there in the music industry and a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. Or rather, perhaps I should say a musician’s gotta do what a musician’s gotta do.

Viva Las Vegas

But for many folks this might not sound all that promising. I mean, certainly a lot of entertainers do places like Bonneroo, and the various music fests like (South by Southwest) SXSW but if we’re talking running the gamut of the various County Fairs, well that’s another matter. Could this mean… The End?

I do love the smell of corn dogs in the morning….


4 Responses to Viva Las Vegas, His Little Good Luck Charm: The Return of Taylor Hicks

  1. rosie says:

    Sunny, I just checked out his tweet fans. No way could I ever get into tweeting. I hope he gets some bookings at the larger festivals as some promoters in the business may have forgotten how he entertained on AI. Heck they just may have forgotten about him period.You are a being a bit negative to pose the question about the end.

  2. spinshack says:

    It was meant in fun, Rosie let’s not go all rah, rah now. If I can’t pose a little satirical now and again I just won’t be me. I have to be me. It’s meant as a tongue… in cheek jibe that some will view this as The End for Mr. Hicks if he starts touring fairs – as if that’s way below his stature as an artist.

    Sadly no one gets that point, they just revert to knee-jerk, oooo look that sounds negative, not the Why behind the words. Another reason I find hardcore fans completely nuts. Have fun and live a little Ro. You only get one chance.

  3. jerseyirish says:

    Spin, I agree with what you have said. some might think it is the end of the road, but these fairs/festivals bring in some big names, why not if he is asked. I think it would get his name out there even more, nothing is below anyone who loves what they do and can find another venue to do it in.


  4. Ange Bleu says:

    Not too many festivals/fairs this time of year anyway. Maybe he’s thinking of July 2010. By then his stint with “Grease” will be over. Should try to put an act together for Vegas –that is if his screen tests don’t pan out. Speaking of fairs, would love to see him at Pomona – ha, ha.

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