The Damien Cripps Band

I “met” Damien Cripps on Twitter, and you can view his page here: Damien Cripps Band Twitter. I find him a down to earth guy who wants his voice heard in similar form to many other muscians and artists in today’s music market. What caught my attention is how he charmingly goes about sharing his talent without driving it down everyone’s throat with one tweet after the other incorporating that ‘look at me’ attitude so many other folks do in self-promotion on the social networking site.

The band has been years in the making with The Damien Cripps Band being formed only after its founder, Damien Cripps, had played with and around other local musicians since about 1990. His first foray into professional singing and performing came that year with a band called Magnum Rush. Magnum Rush then proved the starting ground for the formation of Cool Bananas, a band that found a degree of success, played together five years. This band was, like many local acts found in pubs and fairs, a cover band.

Damien Cripps followed that venture up with joining and forming a series of bands including Great Australian Gift Box, Steel Rex and interestingly named, Filthy Bill. As time went on as a natural matter of course, Cripps realized ultimately he would find real success only through establishing a sound of his own with original music. That lead to the establishment of The Damien Cripps Band and the album, “Pictures” released in January 2005. The single of the same name proved a commerial friendly tune with Robert James (GANGgajang) and Erik Weideman (1927) featured with Damien. In this video filmed at the Regal Theater in Perth, Western Australia, the guys deliver an acoustic version:

“Pictures” went on to receive that golden ticket artists covet, actual radio support, 96FM Perth, Red FM, WA FM and Coast FM (Mandurah). The band went on a fairly extensive tour in support of this single covering nearly the whole state of W.A. Kununurra to Albany in just four weeks. The shows were well received, future looked bright.

The second single off that CD was released in Oct 2005; “Angels in Darkness”. This tune received some radio support but the band’s finances were tied up in other matters; too, the guitar base of the song being heavier, described as incorporating a ‘swampy, tribal sound’, the song wasn’t percieved as radio friendly as “Pictures”. Mr. Cripps has had to go the way of many musicians in today’s music scene, self-promote without the aide of a major record label.

The Damien Cripps Band is embarking on a US Tour, scheduled for 2010 with hopes that this tour paves the way for a heavily requested European Tour. The DCB use their music as a basis for expressing their commitment and concern for environmental issues, are affiliated with a number of Charitable Organizations, and perform at Fundraising and Awareness Concerts as well.

As it states in their on-line bio and has been proven by Damien’s actions on Twitter and in concerts, it is evident The DCB believe interaction with fans and listeners is crucial and make the most of embracing each and every fan with the same warmth, love and compassion that is rarely seen by artists in the industry.

The band’s guitarist, Michael Basham, is quite gifted, he makes this AC/DC compliation look easy. Basham also has his own band called ‘Kavalier Knights’.
Michael Basham

This song, “Meltdown” one of my favorites:

You can find out more information on The DCB as well as listen to more of their music on their website, Damien Cripps band, their myspace: Damien Cripps Band Myspace as well as on Reverb Nation a music listening, news site. If you’re fortunate to be in the area, apparently The DCB performs a regular gig at The Mustang Bar Saturday nights.


9 Responses to The Damien Cripps Band

  1. jerseyirish says:

    Spin, Took a listen he is very talented, and a nice voice. His music is very easy listening, just the type I like, thanks for putting up the videos!!


  2. renagade says:

    Great article on Damien Cripps and the DCB!
    Damien is a very talented artist,and a warm soul with a genuine interest in his fans.

  3. HI Sunny
    We are humbled by the fact you even noticed us, but now you have posted such an insightful view of us i am not sure i have the words to describe our thanks. You have researched this extremely well, you have facts in here that i didn’t even know anyone knew. Well done its brilliant. Thank you so Much.

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  5. Laura Jean says:

    Wonderful music and great all around guy!! Can’t wait to see them in the states!

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  9. Congratulations on your prolific work here. I must admit I have popped in a read a good number of your blogs but I have no idea how to post a response over there, so I’ll tell you now how good you are at describing the stuff your at – I must admit I find it insightful to read your blogging. Keep up the good work. 🙂

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