A Little Bit Country

Flipping through some videos put up on the Youtube this morning, what did my bleary eyes spy? Why Chris Daughtry – you know that rocker guy everyone yammers on about who ‘should have won’ the 2006 season of American Idol instead of that gray haired guy – in a video from the Country Music Awards. The Country Music Award Show, you read that right ! I had completely forgotten the CMA’s were on this week since I don’t watch award shows, but there were apparently a few video worthy moments from the show put up on the Youtube.

I have to ask, is it not enough that Daughtry has received loads of attention for being one of the top selling artists on the Billboard charts, that he outsold Taylor Hicks (the guy who really won Idol that year) by like a gazillion copies on his first record out of the Idol chopping block? That I hear Daughtry every single day at some point on the radio on various channels and that he’s definitely one of the most tweet-friendliest celebrity artists hanging out almost daily on Twitter? No apparently not, as it seems from his performance last night on the CMA’s he quite likely looks perched to make a run at Country music as well. My question is, Daughtry, really is this your next direction? It is a nicely done song exhibiting versatility as an artist but is this a ‘new’ Daughtry or just a one night stand – with Vince Gill?

“Tennessee Line”

The other Youtube worthy moment came when Carrie Underwood and Brad Paisley gave a poke at Kanye West, I’m sure you’ve seen it, if not, here it is:

“Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up to be Kanye” I liked this video as it gives that down home sort of vibe. Like when I was a kiddo and the folks would subject me to the horrors of syndicated episodes of “Hee Haw”.

That’s about it for me regarding the Country music genre this morning. Wait almost forgot, I was speaking about that gray haired ol guy from Idol earlier, and well it seems he’s thinking along the C&W lines as well. Sadly it looks like Daughtry may beat him to the punch – again. You know Taylor Hicks is a bit tied up at the moment with riding up and down in that plastic ice cream cone in the travelling road show version of “Grease”.

“Nineteen” Taylor Hicks

(Now really wouldn’t that have fit into the CMAs?)


3 Responses to A Little Bit Country

  1. jerseyirish says:

    Spin, I didn’t see the awards either, but did see the video of Chirs and Vince. Was generally surprised by the mellow tone of his voice on the song. Really thought they did a great job. Didn’t see the Carrie one, now that was funny and a good dig at Kanye. Although I don’t care for Taylor Swifts voice, thought she handled that most unpleasant situation quite well for her age. Don’t know if some older would have handled it any better.


  2. NotaTard says:

    The horrors of “HeeHaw”. Mind scarring. *cringes*

    So, not being up on Daughtry and his music is that his song or whose? I suppose it’s ‘google time’.

  3. JC says:

    “Nineteen” is a beautiful song and appropriately country. Taylor needs to release it as a single along with his other country winner “Maybe You Should”. Too bad Taylor has not gotten the credit he deserves.

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