X-Factor; JedWard Entertaining Television

Twin contestants, John and Edward Grimes, known as “JedWard”, off the UK show, “X-Factor” are apparently fascinating much of the United Kingdom’s viewers on the country’s version of American Idol. Fascinating being the key word. Certainly these boys do not possess the singing abilities of what is defined in the Pop star world, but they are making quite good television.

What more could you, the viewer, want for a break in the humdrum land of Karaoke reality television? JedWard presented, this past week, the “Ghostbusters” theme-song complete with a cardboard prop of the vehicle from the movie, stage prancing monsters, a flying lady ghost and the ‘possessed’ lady dressed in red screamer; I really can’t think of a thing. Top that, the choreography was actually quite good.

Obviously these kids, a pair of good looking boys with an obvious sense of humor are not really destined for massive radio hits on the Pop charts; I could see them with their own, say thirty minute, variety show – possibly. Simon Cowell’s really sort of spot on with his observation of the performance being fascinating to kids of about one and a half year old, really the boys do have sort of that feel of fitting into children’s television. Either as a sort of “Wiggles” act or perhaps like those mind-numbing twinset stars, Zack and Cody whom my daughter watches on the Disney Channel.

VFTW, with their always spot-on instinct for finding the comedy gold in these sort of reality shows has been pushing the support for JedWard. Smarterthanpickler writes, “While this destroys the show’s, Simon’s (and probably the entire UK’s) credibility, Euro-Worsters will have to vote even harder next week in order to keep the twins on and make Simon rue the day he saved them. VFTW Victory!”.

British on-line celebrity site, Anglophenia mirrors this sentiment and gives the VFTW crowd kudos in likely helping keep these two intrepid singers (read) comedians in the running. They also acknowledge keeping the boys on the show has been merely an intelligent business decision, a ratings ploy rather than a search for a really good singer:

“Sometimes it’s the awful contestants on TV talent shows that make viewers come back each week. So maybe Simon Cowell was making a smart business decision when he put the vocally-challenged John and Edward, a.k.a. Jedward, through to the next round on his UK “singing competition,” X Factor.”

I have no idea when people are going to wake up and take note, these shows, American Idol and X-Factor are not designed in mind to really find that next super-star of the sound waves; it’s television. Scripted, manipulated televison, that draws in enormous interest and ratings and therefore hefty volumes of cash, not much more. Sure, some of the contestants have emerged from the shows winding up making a nice career for themselves, but considering the volume of the people and the Big Picture, this is merely a money making enterprise. Realizing that I have no issue with seeing two lads such as JedWard getting up on stage and presenting “Ghostbusters”.

JedWard do “Ghostbusters”


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