Steven Tyler: No Sympathy for The Devil

Okay maybe that’s not the best lead in for this story since, well “Sympathy for the Devil” a Rolling Stones tune. Apparently that was the case, though, regarding Mr. Tyler and his long-time bandmates that has seemingly lead to his quitting Aerosmith. Ever since his painful mishap at the Sturgis, SD concert it seems the band and he have not been getting on that well. This has lead to Steven Tyler opting out of the band.

Considering the man is 61 years old, he had to have suffered a great deal from his bad tumble off the stage during the Sturgis concert and at his age, falling and breaking bones is difficult to overcome. Topping off that bit of painful embarrassment, his bandmates were not in the mood to send him any Hallmark “get well soon” cards. No, instead, they were quite put off with him. Granted his fall off the stage seems to be largely due in part to his wild and wooly partying, but, really people, Steven Tyler is a Rock Star and what kind of Rock Star would he be if he neglected to properly get his Party-On prior to the show? Exactly.

In an interview with Classic Rock Magazine Mr. Tyler informed, “I don’t know what I’m doing yet, but it’s definitely going to be something Steven Tyler: working on the brand of myself – Brand Tyler.”

It never fails to amuse me hearing folks refer to themselves in third person format. Sort of gives one insight into how they really feel about themselves and how they think the public considers them. In the future I must start referring to anything I do as Brand Sunny, or Team Sun or some such moniker… I’ll work it out.

I do have sympathy for Mr. Tyler and his bit of disgrace at Sturgis. Since our little homegrown band sprung up like those weeds you find lurking between your pansies in the garden, I’ve experienced first-hand how a person can get tangled up in all those cords that get strewn across the stage and catapault off-stage. I experienced an unfortunate incident myself a short time back at the local Main Street Pub during a little party we played. Thankfully I did not break anything; no my Jack Daniels powered acrobatic skills allowed me to leap right back up; grabbing the microphone stand helped slow my fall. Seriously, what was Steven Tyler thinking not utilizing a mic stand? Not only can you lean on it as a third limb of sorts, you can utilize it like a cane to help slow your fall and help you to get up. You know what they say about old dogs, though.

Thankfully this weekend we had a protected stage area with a nifty surround that prevented anyone shootiing off as if headed for a 1990’s Mosh Pit. Here’s a snap of the band warming up. Big John, Mark, Sharon, Rob, TheDMan and Lamendolla. Drummer Don in the far back.

Well good luck to Steven Tyler and Brand Tyler, or Brand Steven or whatever he settles for and lest he or anyone else forgets, Falling In Love (Is Hard On The Knees). Or, in his case, hard on the shoulder.


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