Halloween, My Favorite Holiday

It’s October and to risk sounding like my friend Tyler, no it’s not state the obvious day. This has to be my favorite month of the year for a few reasons, one being it is the month my favorite holiday falls within and two, it’s the month, that here in Texas, heralds in the few months of cool weather we get to enjoy.

Outside right now it’s raining, has all night long, it’s cool and raining; I love this weather. Yesterday we began prepping for Halloween by hauling some of the decorations out of the storage facility but did not make much progress as the rain started moving in. Today looks like a literal wash as well regarding setting up the graveyard, etc but that’s okay, there’s a Cowboy game on later that I have to watch with TheDMan.

I’ve decided on the costume for this year; last year and year previous I was a vampyre -yeah I know, how original… but this year I’ll go Pirate.

Here’s a photo of one part of our display from last year: it’s a real casket that Bro-in-Law bartered for – usually we have one of our festively inebriated friends dress up and play zombie or awakened corpse. It’s a bit intense for the smaller trick or treaters so we try and limit the pop out of the coffin ploy for the bigger ‘kids’ benefit.

I hate to say how much in the way of candy and small toys we hand out every year but with the exhibit as we refer to it now, drawing carloads of happy Halloweenies to our door, by time the night rolls around we have an entire trunk of stuff to hand out. Out of the seven years we’ve done this little event we had rain only once so I hope that holds again for this year. We’ve people who have returned since the first year we did this who tell us this is their traditional start of the Holiday season, coming to our place to trick or treat. We’re seeing their kiddoes grow up each year. Very cool to think that what initially began in our three collective 12 year old minds’ view of Halloween has meant so much to so many folks we do not know and those whom we’ve come to see only on Halloween.

We had eight features in the exhibit last year with Sis usually the witch stirring a black kettle full of water and dry ice; she greets the peeps near the entrance of the wrought iron gates cackling madly and handing out slimy creatures or gummy bugs, worms. Bro or I man the door, taking turns. I also run beverages to any of our friends wandering the yard as Frankenstein, the Mummy or Count Dracula. We must keep the monsters happy and festive.


8 Responses to Halloween, My Favorite Holiday

  1. itsallgrey says:

    Nice displays!! I, however, am the opposite of you. I really don’t like Halloween. Really not sure why…but I can remember being a kid and not liking it. Weird, I know. But it’s pretty cool that you do that for your friends. Sounds like a lot of fun!!

    Hope you’re feeling better. 🙂

  2. Sunny says:

    Hi Lisa, yes the steroids are kicking; feeling much better. I think they make me a bit ornery. lol

    Can’t wait for Halloween! We’re having the band play on the side patio, some Monster tunes. lol We get trick or treaters by the carload.

  3. YKW says:

    My burning question? Does Sunny prefer CANDY corn or INDIAN corn??!!? Ghost peeps or pumpkin peeps??!? An old fashioned pumpkin carved “freestyle”, or a new age “designer” carved pumpkin??!?

    Yes, I know, that’s more than one question, but such is the nature of my obsession…. 😀

    I love Halloween too! We go to several parties, and I usually manage to place in one or another costume contest. One of my favorites was the year I went as “Miss Roadkill”!! I was the image of Awesome-ness!
    This year, I’m thinking gypsy fortune teller, showing off ample cleavage is a Must. Hahhahahahha!

    I love the idea of keeping the Monsters hydrated and happy, as well as the band playing spooky tunes on the side… wish I was there!!

  4. Sunny says:

    Hi, resurfacing this a.m. from underneath the quilts yes I was sick again. I thnk how I look right now a fittingly frightening idea for a costume. The Living Dead complete with unwashed/unbrushed hair since Tuesday. I looked in the mirror and shut off the light. I think I could be that roadkill you’re writing about up there.

    I prefer roasted corn and Ghost peeps! We freestyle our pumpkins, always. lol SO you’re going as the big breasty gypsy? Awesome.


  5. YKW says:

    Hang in there, baby. Sending good karma your way, Sunny.


  6. Barb says:

    Hubby got hammered one year and dressed up as Frankenfurter from Rocky Horror! Was awesome!
    However once we hit the bar, he kept seated for the prize parade……..although got lots of attention while visiting the men’s room LOL…..one fellow commented “You, my friend, are one brave son of a bitch”! Well, small redneck type of town we live in, you can imagine!

  7. Sunny says:

    That’s hilarious Barb! Good on him for doing that; I’d never get TheDMan to dress up even though I always tell him he’s got the legs for a nice pair of fish nets. lol

  8. DenzelWM says:

    Dear Friends, Happy Happy Haloween!

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