The Darla Show: Give Us Something to Talk About

Twitter. Who knew the many different things you can do on and with this 140 character internet haven? Some people utilize it to promote what they sell, services they offer, promote themselves.

Other folks are there for the entertainment, the interaction, and well, if you look in the right locations, you can get news from around the world all of this simultaneously. Now too, you can join in and play with a fun loving group that hangs out at The Darla Show.

Several weeks ago I met a new Twitpal who introduced me to a charismatic, charming and gracious lady. Darla started and runs the unique Twitter page, The Darla Show. (For those uninitiated to Twitter, a page is somewhat like your own virtual home base, or as some refer to them, your ‘nest’.)

The Darla Show is geared toward discussions pertaining to Adult themed topics including but not limited to sex and relationships and the variety of viewpoints coming from some of the men and women on Twitter concerning those topics.

The main body of folks tweeting on The Darla Show have been playing together for quite some time from what I gathered in my conversation with Darla. She originially was operating what she named a “Questions Session” from her original account, @MNmissy, but with rules on Twitter being what they are she was compelled to alter how she operated to avoid being sent to “Twitter Jail” in which, basically, your account is suspended for a certain designated period of time.

Darla enlightened me regarding this duel account situation about a week ago, explaining the development of her alternate Twitter site, @TheDarlaShow, “When I would look back at those who were following me under the MNMissy account, I saw my audience was between 40-90 people per night. That was another reason why I created the other account. Now I can see everyone clearly in the nest more in a conversation format. Life is good! Daily I have an audience of 200 (includes the twitters in the DM nest) and the tweets during the show average 570.” (DM is simply short for Direct Messages.)

I asked Darla, When did you start The Darla Show and have you any thoughts about carrying on this show type off of twitter in any capacity?

She replied, “I started the questions back in March sometime. Usually during the day between 10am-12pm daily. Then I moved it “after dark” due to the kids schedule.”

Darla expressing a pleasant shock at seeing The Darla Show link featured and up in the Google pages said, “I just happened to Google The Darla Show, and it came up in the results. Completely shocked to see it out there! lol. As far as Digging it..yea…that would be cool. Not all up on the Diggs.. and attempting a blog myself which should be available by the end of the week. One of my friends @DamienCripps was gracious enough to allow me to use one of his songs for the show. It’s something I plan on adding to my blog. Also am looking into doing radio. I’m not much of a cam person. Don’t get me wrong, I love the cameras, but, if I don’t have to dress up I’m always greatful for a helping hand. If you would you would like to blog it, etc.. that’s cool with me.”

The Darla Show set up in a radio type format would be fun, very cool and certainly would see a surge in audience. Perhaps incorporating some of the regulars with ‘roles’ much like what you hear over radio formats with a group dynamic would make it more fun for the listeners who don’t want to say much and just be entertained.

I agree with her regarding the camera situation, but who knows maybe a little down the line we could see that incorporated as well. Personally I think, initially, having The Darla Show within the radio show format would work the best sticking to a chat format as well as audio for who ever wants to talk. Having guest speakers about a variety of Adult Swim related content would be also interesting and certainly entertaining.

What brought this funny, adult swim concept to mind for you when it started or has it just morphed from conversations?

” The concept was a silly thought one day. I was out working in the yard and thought.. Wow.. wouldn’t it be nice to have a cabana boy? I usually date younger men (not too young) and they pretty much fit the mold of the cabana boy toy. So to grab people’s attention I would mention that CB Thor is giving me swimming instruction in the wading pool today. (Why the wading pool? Because I can’t afford the pool I was going to have installed prior to losing my job with the airline). Cabana boy Thor and I can’t forget my robot CB boy could only do so much. Therefore, I brought in another character Handyman Hank. Hank is a man I know and we have always had a running joke regarding the Handyman tool belt. In real life he’s a banker. lol. The robot Cabana boy… CB Thor and Handyman Hank usually handle my robot tweets when I’m away from the desk. Every now and then I’ll bring them into the show. Going to add some other characters in the near future for he men. I think they’re feeling left out!”

Who all in the group now, have been with you longest?

“Great question! There are way too many to name. The first 5 or so follower pages are friends that I’ve tweeted with for months.”

Have you considered perhaps taking the show only a few nights a week to see if with twitter publicity you attract more or do you think that trying to have it almost nightly a better thing? Sometimes with a regular schedule it easier for some to become regular contributors and attendees. Then again sometimes not.

“Funny you should mention that. I was just discussing it with one of my friends yesterday afternoon. The answer is, yes. I do plan on changing the times and days of the show. Need to figure my schedule with the kids which should be decided in another day. The start time of the show will be moved to 10:15pm CST and run for and hour. Not sure on the days yet. May do Saturday-Thurs. I would love to meet the East & West coast tweeps, but, it’s not going to be possible.”

The ‘show’ runs along almost like an open format radio program with callers incoming and the live dialogue, the followers getting to play around and get to know one another is interesting and fun. I think it’s quite cool you thought of doing this.

“Thanks Sunny! I grew up in the entertainment industry and probably spent too much time in recording studios. Not for myself, but some bands I use to manage in the past. I’m looking for a site where I could do the FM format along along with Tweeting. I would probably give up my end on working Yahoo IM side of the show. Yes.. there are others outside the nest that are participating. lol. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks and can get the radio gig up and running.”

Do you know of any other twitter sites like yours or format similar maybe different topics? I know the TWIBES were talked about for a while, but haven’t heard anything about them in a while.

“No, I haven’t seen any. I noticed that others have attempted to copy the “POLL” portion where they are asking general poll questions. Some of them use to tweet with me and no longer follow to try it on their own. The difference is the “timeline” that makes it interesting. Plus I’ll start introducing twitters to each other if I see there is a lack of interaction. That will usually rock the nest.

You, I and some other tweeple in the nest are kind of like Legos. One will put out a line… another will add to it and so on…and so on. The building block format. lol. If you do a blog on me or the show.. I would be honored! Actually… speechless. lol”

The Darla Show on Twitter can be found running on Sunday through Thursday nights beginning at 10:15 p.m. Darla has designated a cut off time at 11:15 p.m. considering in the recent past we’ve been going sometimes until almost 1:00 a.m.

The best way to enjoy The Darla Show is to follow her and some of the regulars. There is also a useful live running timeline that you can find at: TheDarlaShow. Once the show kicks off hit that link and with each refresh the fun continues!

I plan to follow up on The Darla Show and enlighten you dear readers, more about some of the regular crew that makes my time on Twitter such fun.
“Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About” Bonnie Raitt


2 Responses to The Darla Show: Give Us Something to Talk About

  1. spinshack says:

    The Darla Show now has a wordpress site at The Darla Show . Documents the show’s participants and whacky commentaries. Check it out.

  2. LexiB says:

    Very entertaining. I follow her show on Twitter.

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