Isn’t This a Great Photo?

This is one of my favorite guypals on twitter, met when we were voting (still voting) for Taylor R Hicks for Mr. Twitter. Some of you helped me out voting for him, you knew him as ‘@servibar’. Didn’t I tell you he was gorgeous? And Shiny. Amin certainly fits that ‘shiny’ descriptor. (I can certainly pick them.)

This is a stunning photo, the way it’s shot not to mention the subject.

He has been going through a rough time in his personal relationships, it is a pleasure being one of his friends. One of the most intelligent people I’ve met on that site.


3 Responses to Isn’t This a Great Photo?

  1. jerseyirish says:

    Sunny, I was wondering what happened to him. After the world vote went up I didn’t see him. Let me know where he is and I will continue to vote for him. Glad you have met a nice friend through all of this twittering!


  2. YKW says:

    I, too, love him for his mind. 😀

  3. Sunny says:

    Yes, YKW, that’s what caught my focus with him as well. Anything less would be… shallow. lol

    JI I am completely enjoying being his friend, he’s into great music, he works in the industry, he’s really a talented writer (his blog) and funny. He can be quite hilarious, loves having a good time.

    Great seeing you two!

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