“What IS It”? Me in the band… it will be “Epic”

A new cover we’re spinning in the pub concert and later likely in the Fall Charity Concert will be “Epic” by Faith No More. We’re dividing up the vocal in that Rob will do the rap/speaking parts, then points at me and I do what I do with, “You want it all but you can’t have it…” Apparently I had a damn good time playing that part at our last party so now I get to do it in the show. (Jack Daniels’ fortified.) DMan’s thumping the bass and Bro takes lead guitar. Patrick will do his keyboard thing but man, I wish we had this half naked drummer guy. Rawr.


6 Responses to “What IS It”? Me in the band… it will be “Epic”

  1. rosie says:

    Sunny, you have ecletic taste in music and men. DM is first, but there is Tay, HeckleStu, Pattison, Jason C. and now a drummer who I thought was one of the Geico commercial cavemen. If long haired guys suit your passions, but don’t match your smarts or insight, may I suggest seeking out a graying pony tailed philosophy professor at one of Texas’s private or public universities. Rice has some gems. Sure the old guys may have been at Woodstock, but academics have their merits. I love you for sharing your life and thoughts and passions and Please get it that I posted this in jest and just try to have some fun. Love ya girl.

  2. spinshack says:

    Hugs to you funny lady. lol I’m bored with Jason C., over Pattinson (at least until the next movie).

    Still love the Taylor man, HeckleStu (forever, likely) but I have a new lovely man whom I am enjoying at least being his friend. Shhhh.

    I just liked the wildman look of that drummer. rawr. He wouldn’t need to talk. ha.

  3. littlewing says:

    Wow Sunny, that is cool. I bet you sound really good singing that line and have the ‘tude to make it work. Good luck! I was a bass player back in the day, that is til I had to re-arrange my priorities after bearing babies and having to going to work full time. My son is a talented drummer and guitarist, nephew’s a good lead guitarist, another lead blues guitarist friend…we’ve got the equipment set up in our old (former) country store…the kids are older teens now and I’ve been itching to get back to jamming. The thing is as a bassist, I have never had the pleasure of playing with a really proficient drummer and my son fits the bill.

    I am always crushing on some rock musician and hubby is a dear and precious man for indulging me all these years, haha.

  4. chill says:

    I want video!!! Make it happen. LOL

  5. Sunny says:

    Littlewing, it’s so cool you play bass! I’ve been fooling around with DMan’s new one; he’s taken to it like a fish in water, and I really love it. Strings hard on your fingers though! He still plays rhythm guitar too. Me, I’m still at the just making noise stage. ha.

    Chill, regarding videos, that will be left to our group videographer. We have a couple that hangs with us – the husband is a photographer. Depends if they come or not, likely. Of course there may be others who can get images. one of my sisters is coming and bringing my nephew, who is dying to see this spectacle. I’m sure he will take pics for my Mom and Pop who live out of state. ha.

  6. jerseyirish says:

    Would love to see our girl Sunny doing her thing with the boys in the band!!! Enjoy!


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