Taylor Hicks’ Vimeos from Smith’s Olde Bar

Taylor Hicks’ performed in Atlanta, Georgia the weekend before this one at Smith’s Olde Bar. There have been many enthusiastic replies regarding the performance he and his band gave the crowd so I’ve hit several of the videos to watch what the buzz is about.

This particular video, surprisingly is one of my favorite. I am not in love with the song presented on the latest Hicks’ CD, “The Distance” but I do like this rendition. Hicks’ playful delivery, the minimalist delivery with the acoustic guitars and harmonica really work well. I must add the videographer did a great job, there’s fantastic audio, no camera shake.

Taylor Hicks’ “Wedding Day Blues”

Wedding Day Blues – Smith’s Olde Bar – RagsQueen from RagsQueen on Vimeo.

“Seven Mile Breakdown” another good vid and song that transfers well into this minimalist format. Watching Hicks carefully on that tambourine for pointers… I’m going to send this video out to the guys and see what they’d think about covering a version of it for the City concert coming up in the Fall. I think our singer, “R.” could do it some justice.

Taylor Hicks, Smith’s Olde Bar:

Seven Mile Breakdown – Smith’s Olde Bar – RagsQueen from RagsQueen on Vimeo.

videos provided by the grace of RagsQueen

For anyone who is unable to view vimeo, hit this link Taylor Hicks on Youtube for a vast selection of vids from this concert.

Looking forward to B’Ham in September.


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