Taylor Hicks Cone Ranger: Saga of the Cone – Getting Soggy?

Okay, so it was cute initially. Taylor Hicks selected to make a little fun about his time riding the large plastic ice cream cone prop in his current gig as Teen Angel singing “Beauty School Drop-Out” in the national touring company, “Grease”. He’s been tweeting out various flavors in his tweets on Twitter to the fans who have come to congregate on that site. Why Twitter? It’s 140 characters of brevity and it it seems fans find more information on Twitter about him than almost anywhere. Wait – there is that Boogie site. If you dare go there. Understand treading into the land of Boogie you may get access to some information and videos, but word: best to just read or to see and be not heard.

Anyway so we have Twitter and Taylor Hicks with my focus on the subjects of Mr. Hicks’ Twitter tweets. (Say that five times fast.) As we’ve gone along on Twitter, Mr. Hicks has journeyed from seldom to never posting to actually knocking out about a tweet a week. Does he actually talk to his fans like I see other musicians and celebrities do? Not so much. Instead he relegates his tweets increasingly to naming ice cream flavors. Yes, flavors, like Cookies and Cream or Boysenberry. Hilarious reading some of the responses who immediately start vowing that flavor their favorite, or they don’t like it but what about another flavor; it goes on and on. Apparently, from what I’m reading, some fans are even imagining he’s sending secret messages with his flavors. I imagine Mr. Hicks sends those flavored tweets out then sits back reading and laughing at the result. I know I would.

Again, granted in the beginning, Mr. Hicks’ ice cream tweets were a witty little concept, the tweets had the flavor, from time to time of “Where in the World…”, or a hint of what might be coming up next in the Hicks’ ice cream career field. The thing is – that’s about all he does – the ice Cream tweets. That or he’s promoting his next show with dates and places. There are, occasionally, some vague references to where he might have dined that day… Frankly for me it’s getting redundant and downright soggy. It would be different if he’d intersperse the tweets about ice cream flavors with tweets with concert pics, an occasional short video or say something actually TO the fans not AT the fans. There’s a big difference in “To” and “At”. One guy who talks ‘to’ his fans, Chris Daughtry. Now I’m not using Daughtry as a jab at Taylor or anything idiotically related to the asinine A.I. battle but rather as an example since they both hit mass public consciousness around the same time. Talking “to” your fans works to attain connection, talking “at” your fans embodies a rather superior feel, incorporating a Distance…

I for one am glad I’ve other interests on Twitter and other interests in my life, period. If I were one whose main interest on Twitter was a person who once a week shouted out “Strawberry pimping” or some such, I’d likely lose interest. If I were a potentially new fan I’d be thinking by now, ‘What in the Hell?”. Of course, the old diehard fans from the American Idol days won’t be thwarted; if Taylor Hicks just tweeted odd noises such as “ARGH” or “PFFFT” or “GAAAH” they’d likely be as entertained, respond back in kind and have a happy-jolly laugh about it all.

Now I know some of you dear readers will say there I am trying to tell Taylor Hicks what to do, but if you read carefully I’m doing no such thing. Instead I’m writing about what I am finding swirling into a boring little soft served idea from what, if utilized with other Twitter tweets might actually be worthy of two scoops in a sugar cone. So to those who disagree with me on my thoughts about the ice cream pimping, PFFFTTT! Oh, and by the way, lately my favorite ice cream flavor is coffee.

Life and death of and Ice Cream Confection:

Captain Beefheart – Ice Cream for Crow (HIgh Resolution)


11 Responses to Taylor Hicks Cone Ranger: Saga of the Cone – Getting Soggy?

  1. littlewing says:

    Sunny, I think you are right. Taylor has a very effective marketing tool at his fingertips. It’s free and he has total control over the content he posts to get his music out there. He should take a clue from Daughtry, Yamin, Lambert and the other Idols and musicians to keep us in touch with his career. Just put up a recent live performance or something. Highlight an awesome solo from a band member, or post a video of one his fave artists…anything would beat comments “from the cone”. Living Colour is one of my faves and they are constantly posting live show dates and pimping their music on Twitter. I admit I am a bit confounded as to why TH is not utilizing Twitter to his full advantage.

  2. Snowstorm says:

    Sunny, I agree with everything you said. The ice cream flavors were cute at first, but now he won’t let it go. It could be because he doesn’t have very much going on in his career, except flying an ice cream cone and an occasional gig… he could very well be snarking on himself, but who knows? My impression of Taylor is that he’s way too private & paronoid to tweet about anything regarding his real life, so he sticks to the cone, ice cream pimping or cryptic tweets in an attempt to create intrigue. Wrong move, IMO…cause it looks like he’s not a straightforward kind of guy. His tweets do nothing to interest new people.

    Also, comparison to Chris Daughtry is not a fair comparison. Chris has a music career, a recording career and is on tour… other than doing an occasional gig, Taylor’s music career has all but fizzled.

  3. celebrityblondebabe says:

    Let me tell you…I think that Taylor found out he could twitter…and with very little time…sends out a quick and funny little message. I think he is just having fun. He has been touring with Grease for a long time…and does these side shows which I enjoyed like crazy last night at Smith’s Ole Bar. It is apparent that Taylor is packing the house with Grease or they would not be touring the country. He is also packing places like Smith’s…which was DEVINE. I doubt he needs Twitter…but is a simple way for him to shoot out what he thinks is funny. I tend to enjoy hearing about them. See…I don’t have time for Twitter either. As far as the other artists mentioned? I don’t hear anything about them. Once maybe that they played at Fairs? Thought I might let those know that would be interested…that Taylor sang a new song that he wrote, last night, that is in the planning stages of a female singer’s new album? Not sure exactly…he just said he can’t say WHO.
    Taylor has a new confidence that I can’t put into words…but, when you have a gig almost every day, sometimes, twice a day and then maybe an after show…You are very successful!!! The Fox Theatre will never be the same. 🙂

  4. spinshack says:

    CBB: I heard that show was awesome. Good for you to have gone and had a blast.

    Snow and Littlewing: Twitter is going to prove to be a formidable marketing tool and certainly he could utilize it better. The flavors of ice cream are cute but he need hit it with some substance now and then.

  5. rosie says:

    Every day some new celeb decides they better twitter because fans expect it. Daughtry is so successful that he need not twitter but does so anyway. I’m not into twittering but have read Tay’s fans tweets to him and find them even more lame than his tweets. Only ardent fans know Taylor as Cone Ranger therefore it is 101 Marketing failing grade. Bet even grandma Joni would agree. Use it wisely Taylor.

  6. rosie says:

    Oh and hi to littlewing and Snowstorm.

  7. littlewing says:

    Hi back to Rosie, it’s good to see you. Maybe as Taylor gets his feet wet so to speak, he will get the hang of it tweeting more substantial stuff. Footage of some of his live performances like the one mentioned above from Smith’s Ole Bar would be perfect! Or just pimping some new band he’s following…I dunno maybe he’s just a little gun shy right now, who knows?

  8. celebrityblondebabe says:

    I agree…I think Taylor had a problem even using the computer at first. He said he wasn’t very computer literate…in the beginning. Neither was I. I think he and I are about in the same boat…with the twitter thing. No…he’s better at it. I think with his busy schedule…he probably doesn’t have time for too much training in the twitter department. Maybe if he hired someone to give him a few quick lessons. His marketing right now is being seen…almost every night…performing to mainly women that crave his body. lol. I think that’s pretty good marketing. HAHA…btw, he is sooooooooo tan. Looks better than ever. Wish you had been there Sunny. We had the best seats in the house!

  9. celebrityblondebabe says:

    Sunny…did I read that you are coming to Birmingham? If so…oh man, there will be a bunch of us there…and what fun!!!!! Jeanni is busy looking up hotels…she’s the native to the Ham and so I leave that up to her.

  10. Sunny says:

    Yes I’m a’coming to B’Ham. Staying with friends in Tuscaloosa, just about 40 mins South. Looking forward to it, my eldest daughter is coming too. lol Should be a hella weekend.

  11. celebrityblondebabe says:

    Looking forward to seeing you honey! It will be fantastic! Look for me. You know what I look like…right?

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