Brother Water


And again the Spirit spoke to him. Sometimes Brother Water was almost silent, whispering along through small brooks, lapping peaceably at the shores in ponds and lakes. But Brother Water could be loud, throwing Himself against the rocks and beaches of the ocean; cascading down into falls of Himself. In this place, a land of red rock and desert land, Brother Spirit was loud, He was boisterous and wild. The roar echoing off the sides of the red wall canyon, deafening. No matter the voice Brother Water used, Frank could hear him. Frank understood the words, the messages sent to him from his Spirit Brother.

Brother Water spoke to him here in His loud Water words, He bucked and lept over the rocks, exuberantly exalting Frank and the resuming of The Mission. Throwing Himself with wild abandon spraying into the air, leaping into the Big Real of All That There Is, Brother Water called to Frank, cheering him on just as He had in days gone past. Frank was pleased Brother Water needed something from him; this time The Mission would be bigger than ever before.

Being one with his Brother the Water, Frank rode the rapids with ease and grace, his boat seemingly becoming another part of the flowing, churning, coldness. Hurtling along, as Frank knew, safe from harsh rocks and injury guided by his Brother, speeding toward that destination that Brother Water had in mind.

A solid beast had been erected to stop and tame the wildness of his Brother’s heart. His mission as in other times, other places had always been to free his Brother. “Hoover Dam” the words his Brother shouted in his Water tongue, over and over through the rushing fluid force that is He.

Frank Martinez once again freed by the ridiculous machine that man constructed called a Legal System was now able and willing to continue his quest: let the waters flow and the dams to break. The song he had listened to repeatedly in his Time of Incarceration continues in an unending loop in his focused and ultimately devoted mind….
“Letting the days go by/let the water hold me down
Letting the days go by/water flowing underground
Into the blue again/after the moneys gone
Once in a lifetime/water flowing underground.”

Yes, this would be his greatest endeavor yet in serving his Brother Water. The Mission would not be stopped.


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