The Five Step Plan to Being a Fan: Things That Make me Go “Boom”!

Taylor Hicks certainly attracts a share of female attention with a select crowd on-line. I’ve had instance to interact with most of them one way or another over the past several years, made a few friends, made a few, let’s say, “not-friends”.

Taylor Hicks’ fans have interested me over the years on several levels. Not only do so many of them retain a high level of complete adoration for him, but some seem unable to get off the topic of other Taylor Hicks’ fans. It’s really incredible (read, entertaining) the material I’ve read in the past, paragraphs written on how to be a good fan and what makes you suck as a fan. I had thought such a topic had been left dead and buried, but well, apparently it is still being flogged, I guess, just in case.

I must warn you, dear readers, this material posted in italics written by another blogger, could hold adverse effects. If you feel you can handle it, by all means read on, then we’ll have a chuckle, I have Motrin on standby.

Away we go:

How to be a good Taylor Hicks fan. Is there really a ‘how to’ on that subject? No not really. Even though we have discussed to no end what each of us feels is right or wrong in regards to being a Taylor Hicks fan. What has guided me onto this subject is my daughter. She asked me if I had read a article about what a person needed to do be a fan and if that is why I had joined fan sites and such. I asked what on earth she was talking about and she had me read a article she had found on a web page. It can be found here

Let me help out by linking that for you, dear readers: How to be a fan. Let’s continue, it seems we have a ‘Step’ plan:

Step 1 We have that covered, we know who are idol of adulation is, it is of course Taylor Hicks.

Step 2 We all have all of Taylor’s CDS and if it isn’t on a CD we have downloaded it, Videos, live concerts, MP3s we have it all and we have made our own CDs and DVDs.

Step 3 We buy any magazines with info of Taylor Hicks

Step 4 We are members of several different fan sites, Myspace and subscribe to many different Taylor related blogs.

Step 5 Be loyal. A true fan will stick through thick and thin to its idol. No matter what the outcome.

Now this brilliant “Step” plan was not written by an eleven year old, no this comes from an adult. A person who has been an adult for a long while. At least in age related contextual perimeters.

That is one that some times some fans seem to have the most trouble with. I am a fan of Taylor Hicks because I enjoy his VOICE. I enjoy seeing him to no since lying about that.

I must stop to highlight this part “to no since lying about that” If I might edit one moment, pretend I have red pen: “too, no sense my lying about this issue”, might sound a bit better but perhaps that’s just me.

I may not like every song Taylor has sang but I love 99% of them. I did not become a fan of his because I thought oh man he will top the charts and I can be there and rub it into people.

Yes, really… whatever does that mean?

I became a fan when i heard him audition for idol. I stuck through each week and I stayed tuned in to see what else he would do and how it would touch me. I didn’t even think he would win for awhile insert (sic) because I figured the young kids would vote someone like Ace or the country fans would vote for Kellie or Bucky, to be the the winner. But I was fan of Taylor Hicks from the audition on and I did not at the time even consider if he would be the most popular person of the radio.

Can we say still living in 2006? Yes, let’s. She returns to the present year with this: I want to hear the new music, see the new videos, read about how Taylor touches people deep in their heart. Like the other day when he called a fan we all mostly know to give her some comfort the night before her surgery.

That is a true story, he did call a fan who goes by ‘SallyannLady’ as she was getting prepped for surgery. Very nice touch on his part.

I know Taylor will probably never be mainstream, I know radio seems to have something against playing Taylor’s music. But I don’t really care I am a fan for life through thick and thin. I am a fan of the man and the music not what the SO CALLED in crowd thinks.

Love the capitalization emphasis. Very dramatic. She carries on with:

One of the tips and warnings that hit home is this

Do not get into fights with opposing fans, as being a fan should be fun and not dangerous.

Yes, ‘dangerous’, whatever that might involve, I’ve no idea.

I want to have fun being a fan of Taylor Hicks. I ignore those who do not like him because their opinion means shit to me.

Inserting some passion with the word, “shit”. Nice touch.

Ignore them and they will go away. The same is true with bloggers and online freelance writers who through…

Yes, once again (sic) word should be “throw” not “through” which involves entering something.

…in snide remarks about Taylor. They know Taylor’s fan will come running to their site and defend him which in turn gets them page views and in many cases funds there income.

Red pen time; it’s actually “their income” since it is intended in a personal possessive format. “There” intends a place. Just clarifying.

They are laughing their asses off because his fans run to their site to defend them and that helps with their paycheck. they purposely so this so we will come there. They know other people will come to read our comments and then post to our comments about how they just attracted the wrath of the Soul Patrol. They love it, they get paid for trashing Taylor because we give them page views. People often talk about diet pills I think we need an invention called Chill Pills, Ignore them that is the best thing to do.

First, I think she might need some sort of ‘pill’ and secondly it takes thousands of ‘hits’ on a web page to generate any sort of income from ads – also you have to have a site loaded with ads to begin with to even consider any payment. One does not generate income by just having a web page. Who pays for that? Exactly. Third, who are all these people laughing their collective asses off anyway? Fourth, what or where is there anything to be laughing those asses off to begin with? I am missing something here, I know.

Even those who claim to be fans of Taylor’s but find any reason to find fault in what ever he does, ignore them also. Just have fun being a fan of Taylor Hicks. Enjoy the man, the music, the positive and ignore the negative.
Posted by Cindy Wright

Yeah, hell ignore anyone but the writer of that brilliant post and stick with her or anyone she might refer you to; she’s the definitive Taylor Hicks fan guru. Now you all go out and have fun today a just being a Taylor Hicks’ fan. Toss confetti and shout “Soul Patrol” into the wind. Carry a balloon with his name on it, you know, what ever makes you feel fan-groovy.

I must add here Cindy Wright has always irritated my sensibilities. I know she means well, I know many of you readers might really like her. I imagine she is a nice person with loads of charm. She might be one of the best chocolate chip cookie bakers ever even, really, I’m not deriding her as a human being. It’s the writing part that makes me cringe. Or toss back some Motrin. Or giggle.

“Boom Boom Out Goes the Lights: Pat Travers (decent guitarist)


13 Responses to The Five Step Plan to Being a Fan: Things That Make me Go “Boom”!

  1. hicksfan7 says:

    I see you’re still a total biotch who thinks she (and her ‘writing skills’) is/are better than everyone else.


  2. spinshack says:

    Yep that pretty much sums it up. hahahaha. Some things never change. I call it as I see it.

  3. Dee says:

    Unforunately, spell check has made a lot of us sloppy writers. Can’t always rely on the crutch. LOL.

  4. spinshack says:

    Dee, thing is it’s funny actually reading that whole line up regarding 5 steps etc. Plus I am completely SICK of talk about good fan vs bad fan. It really makes me go “Boom”. lol

    There is a consistency in the structuring of sentences, tense that tickle me as well. It also irritates me to no end the whole throw back continually to Hicks on Idol, the whole Idol situation. Many people follow these people because they know nothing else. They don’t know anything about music, they follow a television character from a reality show. I am not saying this the case with Cindy Wright, just in her writing about being a good fan she brings it up.

    Too I don’t like her casting stones at ‘bloggers and freelance writers’. She cast that rock and should not be surprised if anyone throws one back at her. She is condescending and insulting all the while sounding like an idiot.

  5. littlewing says:

    Hey Sunny, good to see you back posting. I can always count on you to get the lowdown on the crazy shhtt going on. I’m just tired of the Cindy Wrights and the endless definitions of true fandom. I’m with you. I mean, who cares really? I don’t know her but yeah, the grammar and usage errors are pretty annoying and a serious writer should take great care to avoid committing this grammatical blasphemy. LOL.

    random but “Boom-Boom Out Go The Lights” was a fave teenage anthem back in the day. Travers was and still is pretty awesome. He’s got a pretty good blues compilation out now covering several of the greats, btw.

  6. Dee says:

    Plus Sunny WTH difference would it make to an artist anyway,Good fan or Bad fan.?To the artist a good fan is one who buys their product.

  7. Cindy says:

    Cast all the stones you wish. I really could care less. My God I wrote a blog post. You do not like it, I do not care but to copy and paste my blog is so not cool. You do not like me..I will cry tomorrow because everyone knows your opinion is so important.

    Next time I write a post I’ll just forward it to you for you to pick apart since it seems so important to you. Not!

  8. spinshack says:

    Cindy your post came up in alerts I couldn’t miss it. You state for anyone reading your inane drivel to ignore everyone who doesn’t think like you do. I merely am pointing out the idiocy of your viewpoint.

    Too, obviously you’re challenged other than ability to select the proper word for the meaning you are trying to convey; you miss the part I say I am not deriding you as a person, just your topic and how you express your opinion on that topic. Just clarifying.

    Please no forwarding of your posts, I know where to find them. Think a moment, have I picked up any of them to discuss over the past few years? No. Just this one because you were stirring up ill will and that deserved to be looked at and dissected. Now why don’t you think about that a moment and perhaps consider how stupid all you wrote sounds regarding blog payola, about who to read and who NOT to read.

    Take your time.

    Littlewing, she does consider herself a serious writer which is fine, but I am really over the entire fan debate that some small minds can’t let go.

    I will have to check out that new material you mention!

    Dee that’s the only reason I hauled her post for discussion, the whole fan debate idiocy. Normally I ignore whatever she does, but this one hit the Taylor Hicks’ alerts so I could not stop myself. ha.

  9. Snowstorm says:

    Sunny, that’s exactly the reason so many people stopped being fans, because of that idiot spreading shit on the internet. Nobody wants to be associated with stupid people… think about that! You reflect so poorly on someone you claim to be a fan of.

    One of my pet peeves is these old grannies who keep pushing Taylor Hicks on the internet… WTF is wrong with you?? People laugh at you! Nobody is going to be his fan when they see an old wrinkled grannie’s face! Again, what the fuck is wrong with you!

    Another of my pet peeves, people who keep bringing up Taylor’s Idol win of three years ago! WTF is wrong with you? If there’s nothing to talk about, why not give it a fucking rest? It doesn’t mean you’re a bad fan, idiots!

    Please get help with your OCD problems!

    Rant over…

  10. Cindy says:

    Ok first off I was not and am stirring up ill will. I am simply saying if you find things that you do not agree with ignore them. Do not post to them and stir the pot. Enjoy being a fan the way you want and if it upsets you then ignore it. because all the fan war stuff is stupid.

    When have I ever said I consider myself a serious writer? I enjoy writing. I always have, I always will. I have said MANY MANY times I need improvement so do not puts words in my mouth.

    As far as this comment Think a moment, have I picked up any of them to discuss over the past few years? No. You may have not copy and pasted me but you did get all hot and bothered because I got The Distance early.

    As far as how I express myself..there is a simple solution.. Ignore what I post. Easy huh

    And I was not talking about BLOGS making money. I mean the sites where people get Paid for their opinion and the comments they get.

    Ok that is all i am done because I choose to ignore.

  11. Snowstorm says:

    Cindy, who gave you the right to dictate who’s a good fan and who’s a bad fan? You’re not a good fan youself, if you keep spewing shit on the internet about Taylor.

    Also, this is the internet, people have a right to their opinions – who are you to dictate?

    This is how to be a good fan – buy his music!! You don’t need to do anything else. Understand?

  12. spinshack says:

    Cindy I beg to differ with you on two points:
    1) I wasn’t hot and bothered as you say because you got The Distance early. It was the fact you are simply not a good representation for the reviewing of the material and your article was crap.

    2) You do write “bloggers and free-lance writers” so if you only meant the paid writers on established big website sources that was not communicated in your posting. You ramble on and on about what sounds like jabs at some of the folks on other blogs that occasionally question what steps Hicks takes in his career. I won’t mention whom it seems you refer to at this point.

    Hi Snow, man great to see you stop in. It seems Cindyloo the Taylor Hicks guru takes umbrage at my dissection of her rantings about fan conduct. Oh dear. 😛

  13. NotaTard says:

    Cindyloo’s claim to her 15 Minutes, getting her hands on that CD early. Then, to the embarrassment of anyone who is even semi-literate, writes that shit review that made no sense what so ever. She’s an idiot. LOL

    You are such a mean bitch. I love you so much.

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