The Sun, Aliens, What Men Think: It’s Random Tuesday

I’ve been lolling about (now, I’m not referring to the internet LOL acronym, rather the wallowing around definition) on the sofa today. Dreading going out into the 105 predicted full-on sun beaming down outside. Yesterday’s brief outing complete with running around taking pics of strangers and well, hot Dallas men lent me a nice rash that kept me up most the night. It was 107 yesterday in steaming Plano, Texas.

Going out in that high beamed UV ray world with my Lupus all fired up (isn’t that fitting?) has me feeling a certain affinity for the storied mythical vampires in movies and television. Seriously I sometimes feel I could just burst into flames my skin gets so hot. It’s torture and I’m working on not completely killing myself. (very dry humor inserted here) Unlike Robert Pattinson though, my skin’s not made of sparkly diamonds, rather some sort of substance that should be on an alien being from possibly Pluto where no sunlight goes.

Speaking of aliens, found this last night on, seems there are some curious happenings in North Carolina, specifically the sewer system. Contributor, Shawn Lindseth created this entertaining bit of news complete with video: “New Life Form In North Carolina Sewer?”. I thought might be of interest to some of you readers since you live out that direction. Just think what’s writhing beneath your streets. Makes you want to move, right?

This afternoon I hit the old again to find this fun activity; (two in a row for entertainment value) I know you will want to play with it, I certainly did. For an embarrassingly half hour. What had me entertained for those thirty minutes? It’s called the Manslator. (Click link.)

Created as a promotional tool for the upcoming movie, “The Ugly Truth”, it actually made me want to consider taking one of those sneak to the movies in the afternoon breaks to snarf popcorn and indulge my chick-flick urges. (Of course I never tell anyone I do that, ergo the sneak part, what would my friends say?) Gerard Butler looks positively intriguing.

(Emo Vampire vid, got to love it.)


2 Responses to The Sun, Aliens, What Men Think: It’s Random Tuesday

  1. jerseyirish says:

    Spin, That sewer video very strange freaked me out a bit. My brother lives in NC on Lake Norman I’ll have to ask him if he has heard anything about the life in the sewers.

    That manslater was pretty funny, thanks!!


  2. NotaTard says:

    I plugged in quite a few things into that Manslator. Fun little game. You know, you have been overdoing Everything that and when the UV’s hit above about 4 or so it gets to you. No big surprise told you it would happen. Hang in there and fuck the docs meds they mess you up more.

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