“Summer Time Blues”

I’ve been taking a brief blogger holiday.

“Summertime Blues” Charlie Dee and the Twisters

Recent past week(s) spent trying to kick recent Lupus flare up (fucking Texas heat), editing my project and working a website for the band.

Follow Taylor Hicks on Twitter, he’s been quite the chatty one lately, up to 75 posts, and he and I were both hungover on the same day. It’s kismet I tell you!


5 Responses to “Summer Time Blues”

  1. jerseyirish says:

    Spin, Hang in there hopefully this will pass quickly.

    Yeah Taylor has been the tweeting machine. He looked pretty darn good yesterday for being hungover!!


  2. Linn says:

    ” He looked pretty darn good yesterday for being hungover!!”

    He’s had plenty of PRACTICE! LOL
    Heck, he’d look good unbathed and unshaved, in rags and/or nothing at all!

    Sunny, my hugs to you. My ancestors stopped going west in Texas…the slackers! Come to the upper left coast, it’s cool and lovely and good for you.

  3. YKW says:

    You’ve been on my mind, darlin’. My coworker who lives with lupus has been having issues lately too… it seems this damn disease reacts to heat & humidity.

    I think the blogging world is on a bit of a summer hiatus. I mean, how are we supposed to write when these kids need us as personal chaffeurs?!?
    *insert eye roll here*

    HA! Be well, buddy.

  4. spinshack says:

    Hi everyone!

    Linn, had my pals from SFO in town over the past week and they’ve invited DD and myself out for the rest of the Summer… I’m thinking about it. Checking airfare, working situation, hate to leave DMan that long though… even a few weeks he’ll have this house in shambles. lol I love the weather in San Fran, it’s quite similar to what you have up where you are I’m sure.

    YKW great to see you comment. I know you’ve been all about running that JDUDE around, he’s a busy kid. Yeah, all over the blogs are slow, it’s just that time of year and things rather quiet. Yeah once we hit July I wonder why the Hell I live here. Damn 109 on my yard therm yesterday. My skin feels like it’s on fire when I go out for long. It’s like I’ll just self-immolate like a vampire or something. ha.

    JI, Loved your pics of you and Taylor. So sweet he held your hand when you met and talked. Must have been the best day for you. Thoughtful, thoughtful husband you have too.

  5. jerseyirish says:

    Spin, It was nice to meet someone you admire and they take a moment to spend with you, he was attentive and didn’t seemed bothered like ugh another one,just very pleasant and thanked me for coming to the show and the support. I told him his music brings me joy and wished him sucess in all he does. Wasn’t long but he did make an impression on me. I am older but truly enjoy his music and he is pretty easy on the eyes!!

    Yes hubby is a vey thoughtful guy, and very, very good to me, we have our moments but he is the core of my life. Like they sometimes its the little things that count the most!

    Hope you and DD get to get away, sounds like it will be fun and good for your health. I know what it is like to go away and leave the man home alone. When I traveled alot with my job, he knows I get crazy if the kitchen or bathrooms are not clean. Have a dishwasher but he would put the dirty dishes in my oven so they wouldn’t be in my sink, I’d say why can’t you put them in the dishwasher and he would say I never load it right you do a betterjob, the bathroom would have towels all over and he would live out of the dryer just taking what he needed. Gotta love them.


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