I’ve Found Another Fun-Filled Travel Event!

I’ve mentioned in another blog post written in May about fun things to do if you should visit Britain; now my focus shifts to Spain. Today was the famous fun day of running with bulls!

Yes, you could queue up and dash pell mell down the narrow cobbled streets with horned and crazy bulls! I mean what’s a trip to Spain without attending that sort of event? Today in Pamplona, Spain, no one was actually gored and only four people hospitalized, apparently no deaths. So see? It’s not that bad of an Extreme Sport moment. Remember, you live once, make it count, even if it means tumbling down a near fatally steep rocky hill or running about in the streets with wild bulls. Now of course both of these events are Special Events, staged for particular dates, to make them you need start planning now for next year.

A few idiot brave guys were laid out in the dust but I suppose that’s the chance you take. Here in DFW, we have Cow Town, also known as Ft. Worth. While we love our Texas Longhorns we’d never think about running through the streets with them. Instead we have the peaceable Kingdom sort of approach, more sedate, organized even. Bonus, you don’t even have to wait for that one special day! The Ft. Worth stockyards do this on a regular basis. Likely why those ‘cows’ with those hefty horns are so nice and docile.
Why, here’s an example:

That’s more like plodding with the bulls. See, no one on the ground trampled, gored or bloody.


4 Responses to I’ve Found Another Fun-Filled Travel Event!

  1. jerseyirish says:

    Spin, Never got the whole running of the bulls thing. My neighbors son went one year and got gored in the leg said he would never do it again!!!


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  3. YKW says:

    No surprise that women don’t participate. Idiots.

  4. spinshack says:

    Exactly not one female fool in the whole group. Shows really who is the smarter sex.

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