The Hangover

No music in this post, unless you consider laughter music, some do, you know.
“The Hangover” Laughed until I cried watching this trailer. Must see it.

Man, we’re going tonight.


3 Responses to The Hangover

  1. jerseyirish says:

    Spin, That was hysterical!!! Think we have all had at least one of those UHOH moments in our life, when it is all a haze!!!


  2. spinshack says:

    At least one? Try several hahaha Love the part when they find the baby in the closet and the guy says to check its collar. XD

  3. YKW says:

    I dug through my bag, frantically searching for my shades is this AM, only to have my buddy tell me “Uh, they’re on top of your head.”

    Yeah. I’m seeing this flick.

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