I’m a Squeaky Ironing Board?

In one of Jersey Irish’s comments to me, she sort of – inadvertently – compared me to her squeaky ironing board. Or did she?

My sweet on-line friend wrote, “Spin, Too funny!!! My ironing board was squeaking really bad, hubby went and got the W-D and was like a mad man trying to get the squeak to stop, It finally stopped and the W-D went away for now.

JI” after reading my recent post regarding creative use of WD-40 and whatnot.

Now this is a creative use of ironing board if I’ve ever seen one.
“Ironing Board Blues” John Fuggle

Then there’s always the Burn in Hell theory of thought. Likely more what the gentleman in question has in mind for me.

“Burn in Hell” Twisted Sister

I always get a giggle out of Twisted Sister. They so crazy.


4 Responses to I’m a Squeaky Ironing Board?

  1. jerseyirish says:

    Spin, hahahaha!!! Wasn’t exactly comparing you to the squeaky ironing board, but the look on his face with the can of W-D reminded me of hubby with my ironing board last weekend. The sound just got him nuts. Not that I love ironing, but both of us like our clothes ironed.


  2. spinshack says:

    The man in question is a little nuts himself as you might determine from the photo. Mad dogs and Englishmen, indeed.

  3. jerseyirish says:

    Spin, The funniest part of the ironing board episode is my son came down and peaked in and said to his Dad “I think the ironing board won that round Dad” Hubby looked up and gave him the bird!!!


  4. YKW says:

    The squeaky ironing board gets the starch, right?!?

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