Mystery Man Wrecking Havoc on My Psyche?

Story to come soon. For now an image. Or two.

Yes he’s trying to grease the skids. Rife with unknown manifestations and ill behavior he resorts to the WD-40 to try and assauge the situation. Alas. That’s not the remedy. I wanted flowers. Yellow roses would have been nice.

He does have a nice ass.

That goes along with his Being An Ass at times. Word to the wise. I’ve walked through fire. Never underestimate me.
“Hard Sun”


15 Responses to Mystery Man Wrecking Havoc on My Psyche?

  1. YKW says:

    I know you’ve walked through fire, babe. I’ll be standing by with an extinguisher and a margarita for you. *hugs*

  2. spinshack says:

    Hahaha there may be a few other people who’d rather take a blow torch to me. You Know, continue the burn in Hell aspect.

  3. jerseyirish says:

    Spin, Too funny!!! My ironing board was squeaking really bad, hubby went and got the W-D and was like a mad man trying to get the squeak to stop, It finally stopped and the W-D went away for now.


  4. spinshack says:

    That’s me JI, I AM that squeaky Ironing Board. haha The squeaky wheel/ironing board needs greasing.

    That reminded me of how much I use to love when my Mom ironed. (Myself, I hate to iron.) The smell of the hot iron and starch was so nice. There should be a room freshener in that scent. “Mom’s Ironing Day” I’d call it. lolz

  5. YKW says:

    Oh dear god, I’m ironing now. Come on over and sit on the bed and chat with me! LOL!

  6. NolaMar says:

    What’s an ironing board?

  7. […] JI” after reading my recent post regarding creative use of WD-40 and whatnot. […]

  8. chill says:

    I was just about to ask that very question, NolaMar. Me no comprehend that phrase.

  9. chill says:

    The front of him doesn’t look too shabby either, spin. You having some fun? 😆

  10. spinshack says:

    He’s lovely even when a mess like in the pics. Ah Chill, fun? That’s hard to discuss at the moment. (hugs)

  11. NotaTard says:

    Hell with him Sun, he’s obviously never meant as someone you should have taken to; I mean what about my fave guy DMan?

    We’re goin on a trip for yo birthday, we’re goin on a trip fo yo birthday. *singing here…*

    Love you let’s hit Marios tomorrow night. OK I’ll stop littering the blog and go feed Edward. xxx

  12. twitpal says:

    Hey new friend. Let me say it’s amazing you let Stuart Heritage get to you like this.

    I tell you, he’s completely messed up by this; notably points, he’s shut off all his accounts. Gone private. His writing is slipping. He likes you lass, far more than he would ever acknowledge. I am impressed at the level you have obviously impacted on him. I am impressed.

  13. spinshack says:

    Twitpal, regarding being impressed, well that’s interesting. Regarding the rest it’s a matter of conjecture and nothing of substance.

    Thanks for stopping by.

  14. twitpal says:

    I think I’m right on this one Sunny. If he did not have any feelings for you he’d not have ‘gone dark’; he’d been able to joke it off. For fuck’s sake he runs Hecklerspray. He goofs on everyone. You, he’s always taken seriously. I find that odd and out of character.

  15. spinshack says:

    Well whoever you are, I have no idea his processes since he hasn’t communicated with me since our last disagreement. But hey, thanks for your input. Do you know him, then? If not, no point in talking further about suspected mental concepts he may hold. Thing is, it is interesting he went dark.

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