Stick a Needle in My Eye

Initially when I heard the news, Hokey “Karaoke” Gokey was the decided VFTW pick for this week, I wanted to find a needle to stab in my eye. I held back to reconsider since, well, needles in the eye are painful. Dave’s words on his VFTW blog, “… it’s no jokey, vote for Karaoke Gokey.” inspired a slight vomit reflex.

Now Hokey for the pick really is inevitable since well, VFTW has had a pathetic season with little to no opportunity for fun with the show. Most of the contestants have been white bread dull – even gLambert (such potential) has reined in his inner shiny Rainbow Bright. Positive thought, we only have a few more weeks until this karaoke extravaganza runs its course.

Don’t get me wrong I have really had fun in years past with this reality program. This year though, I haven’t even felt like participating on any of the boards to much degree. I’ve not even felt like getting into any mischief on the Idol boards. It’s been that drab. Possible positive, the after show fan fall outs that we will be able to put up on

This week might be entertaining. Slash, of Velvet Revolver and formerly of Guns N Roses, will be on as a guest mentor. Seriously, who would ever even imagine that? Should be interesting to say the least. Considering Jamie Foxx busted out last Wednesday night with his ridiculous attempt at performance art; let’s not kid and say he was being musical, redeeming situation, Slash will come out and do what he do with that crazy I-Bring-Death hat.

On Slash’s MySpazz site, he wrote;
“Hey all, as you may or may not know, the producers for American Idol have asked me to be the mentor for “Rock Week” next week. I was reluctant at 1st, but they offered me the freedom to do it however I wanted.

More importantly, there are a few singers this year who are really impressive. Its the 1st time any AI line-up has really caught my attention.

The approach I’m taking is different than usual on the show, & I’m going to make this as Rock & Roll an American Idol as possible, wish me luck!”

Slash’s fans are expressing mixed reactions, apparently some controversy about Velvet Revolver seeking new singer and some pushing Adam gLambert, also mixed results. I don’t see gLambert hanging out regularly with Slash and co.

Dave’s last line, “Danny surely has urned this honor for using a personal tragedy to try to jumpstart a singing career.” saved my eye. I put the needle down.

“Urned”. Dave you evil genius. I’m in.


5 Responses to Stick a Needle in My Eye

  1. Snowstorm says:

    Danny Gokey does remind me a lot of Taylor. Not so much the music, but I think it’s more the “boy scout” image. Older America wants their musicians to be “good Christian boys” with family values. Plus, he lost his young wife and that plays on the heart strings. Only goes to show how out of touch they are with the real world and how easily manipulated they are.

  2. spinshack says:

    Have you been reading the Idol boards? Went there briefly this a.m. nauseating yet hilarious. Out of touch, oh yeaaahhhh.

    Did you see the old vids at Grey’s?

  3. Snowstorm says:

    No, I don’t read the Idol boards. I have been there a few times this year and they changed it a lot and it’s really slow. I’ll bet it is funny, though.

  4. rosie says:

    Sunny, I thought Danny did the best last week. This is the first year I haven’t voted, so either I’m bored or I just don’t see a star. I think it is a little of both. I am looking forward to seeing the 4 rock it out, and want to see what Daughtry does Wed.

  5. spinshack says:

    I’ve done my Worster job voting a bit for the pick. You know we swear in blood via our keyboards so contractually obligated. j/k

    Danny did good last week, he was almost attractive in his pre-show vid. gah. Just not a fan.

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