Nothing Says Family Night Like a Stripper Pole

There I was thinking my familial unit is unusual. Down at Gokey Place seems the ideal evening a spin around the golden pole. Pole as in stripper pole. Complete with a camera in the top corner; you know, for those family album moments.

Interesting bonus to the recent ‘inside information’ from an anonymous ‘source’ concerning Gokey’s religious affiliation, Faith Builders International Ministries. It seems this cult-principled manic-religious themed organization hit a recent peak, no longer just interesting for its potential grifter status (link takes a moment, from the TopIdol site). It gets better. Under super secret swears and oaths this organization touts their tenets as being able to resurrect the dead! Apparently it’s like a modern day twist on Tales From the Crypt or a new religious themed Zombies Will Eat Your Brains. Just make sure you’re tithing heavily.

“The raising the dead is part of the teaching they ascribe to from the Bible:

“Heal the sick, raise the dead,cleanse the lepers, cast out demons.” Matthew 10:8

Now, the raise the dead part they will TALK about. They’ll tell stories from the pulpit of Smith Wigglesworth kicking a dead baby and it coming back to life in the 1800’s. They’ll tell stories of people being raised from the dead in other countries. Pastor Jeff told us that we are not to discuss the church’s position on raising the dead or healing by faith with anyone especially as it relates to the Gokey situation. He said the devil is trying to bring attacks against the church by spreading lies and we are not to discuss things with outsiders.”

Anyway perhaps beside waking the dead this church encourages a rousing workout ala “Zombie Strippers”.
“Zombie Strippers”

Any wonder I steer clear of organized religions?


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