Texas Tea Party: What I Did Besides Taylor Hicks Yesterday

(You go Papi!)

Rick Perry Having “Tea” in Austin

So Secession on the horizon? You know Texas has always been ‘a whole ‘nuther country’. “Texans know how to run Texas”… excellent sound bite from our Governor. Obambi keep your money we don’t want any.

Locally, in and around Dallas we were having our own parties.

“We will be called haters, and we are. We are haters of big-spending politicians. We will be called racists, and we are – we are members of the human race,” Dennis, a McKinney resident, said as silence turned to roars.”

This was not a movement reserved for just Republicans or conservatives, we Libertarians were standing up as well, rallying against big government expansion, federal taxation and, ultimately the insidious form of Socialism being sold to the mass American public by our government. I’m certainly not wanting to be a part of the masses being steamrolled on debt, by our Democratic President Barack Obama. Folks wanted change, hell we certainly have been getting change, although not much in the way of change in our pockets.

Washington. i.e. the elected representatives that we currently have in our government halls need cut spending, taxes and reread the damn Constitution. The Texas slogan, ‘Don’t Mess With Texas’ was seen on posters and signs lining the roadways as thousands turned out yesterday all over the metroplex to stand behind Governor Perry’s decision to tell the U.S. government, thanks, but hell no, to the economic/socialist package program. It was a stimulating and exciting imagery seeing so many turning out with one thing in common. Very cool when people driving past honked and waved and shot Peace signs in agreement with the message. Very cool not a bleeding heart beggar for debt anywhere insight.

Word, just say NO to Big Brother. It was an interesting, incredible day.


10 Responses to Texas Tea Party: What I Did Besides Taylor Hicks Yesterday

  1. cath says:

    While I disagree with you on many, many, many , many , many , many , many…… did I say ahh many things; I am with ya on this 100%.

  2. rosie says:

    Disagree with Sunny! Cath say it isn’t so. hehe Yep it is scarey and my son warned me it would be like this. Since only about 5% of people make $250,000 or more, guess folks find it easy to target them, but that 5% pay about 50% of the taxes and many of those have a business. Some of the older rich ones may just retire rather than pay huge taxes. Liberals believe they know what is best for the country as they go about and screw things up. Hopefully if Obama goes too far the people and Congress will revolt.

  3. spinshack says:

    Thanks cath, I know I’m not easy to like. *wink* This is one very amazing movement that may have some impact as we go along. Time for a change, indeed.

    Thanks Rose for your always words of common sense. Tell cath I’m not always an ass or an idiot – just sometimes. This situation with the economy is spiraling out of control. Feeling it here at the Sunshine Ranch. lol

    So Rose, heading for a revolution? If that’s what is needed. Did you hear that news how Obambi said he’s not been aware of this tea party thing? The guy is freaking out of touch. Too busy playing with his new dog.

    Man, it’s interesting how times change yet the circle continues.

  4. Linn says:

    Love the sentiment in the first picture!!
    The “Tea” Party made page 3 of USA TODAY. The media didn’t think this up so they don’t think it matters. Got news for them—IT MATTERS.

  5. spinshack says:

    Hey Linn, Yes It Matters. The Media can go Fug itself. Well, most of it. *wink*

    An inspiring day, indeed.

  6. Barb says:

    I’ve never been able to grasp the “ism” part of politics.

    I thought that “all men are created equal” is socialism’s core. Capitalism only works when the money is passed around and not hoarded, no?
    I agree that it is right for those to refuse money that is not required. We’re going through that now, we are hosting the G8 summitt here in Muskoka Ontario next year and the government is handing out money like crazy here, until one of our Municipalities had the balls to say, thanks but no thanks. We still have to fund the maintenance of anything built here for, what, one week-end or so? Round up the homeless, they’re an eye-sore, the President may be passing through town in a limo with tinted windows.

  7. spinshack says:

    Barb the handing out of that cash always sound great but nothing is free and there’s a catch. The Piper will get paid one way or another.

  8. cath says:

    All people are not created equal. They are created with equal opportunity to pursue life, liberty and happiness. This doesn’t mean that they are guaranteed these rights/privileges.

    We are products of our environment and our genetic background and no one is the same. We make choices , we have potential that must be utilized , we depend on luck and ability and ambition and initiative to further our goals.

  9. spinshack says:

    That’s exactly right cath; we’re not owed anything to keep the “status quo” in tact. Life’s sometimes unfair, often harsh and definitely a challenge but in this country as it stands right now we have the freedom of options.

  10. American pie says:

    If you want a big slice of the pie then seek out and find your own ingredients, bake your own pie.

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