Shafted by the Rainbow

I’ve questioned for a long while why, in the name of all that is rollicking good fun in the world of music, art, film and celebrity, many times there seems to be a gaping chasm regarding a sense of humor among those who follow certain artists? You know, the “fans”.

I’ve always felt, even as a kid growing up, now transferred into my adulthood, such as it is that there are perhaps three general categories of people. There are those who are ‘normal’, those who are just ‘not normal’, and then the criminal element. I’m not going into the third type; not in the mood for them right now. I’ve gotten to the point in my personal evolution or perhaps it’s actually a social degeneration, I can spot ‘normals’ almost with something akin to a sense of smell. (Obviously I’m not fooling myself here.)

‘Normals’ – a few examples as defined by Sunny (let me walk in the third person a moment to just see how it feels):

They normally attend regular activities, have a set routine and often are avid believers in a set ‘God’ and attend churches with others who think as they do. I fly by the seat of my pants on a good day. I’m afraid if I step into a church, a plane will fall out of the sky killing masses amount of people. It would be all my fault. I attended this church wedding a while back and I’m not going to begin to recount the disastrous situations that just kept happening. Naturally it was hilarious – just not to the bride. Sadly, we’re not friends anymore.

Often are organized beyond belief in home, cars, work, garages. My garage is like one of those puzzles, you have to move things around to create different pathways but never remove a square to complete some sort of picture. The car is not allowed inside, although the motorcycles have their own shrine.

They feel a seriousness and intensity about things that often make folks not so ‘normal’ as myself, laugh out loud. You know, like a whack straight-line wind that completely collapses the backyard fence of the neighbor leaving their dogs standing in amazement. While you’re watching out of your upper balcony doorway. Laughed until I almost threw up.

I love to play in the internets as a means to entertain myself while doing other things. Last night I came across a site that inspired my thoughts for this post. Topic circled around inspirational thoughts on Taylor Hicks. One sweet poster, very serious in her intents and emotions wrote, “…we should all be rejoicing for Taylor, as he “dances at the end of his rainbow.” That had me think of Dorothy and her house spiraling in that twister. (Wiz of Oz) Further down, someone agreeing with her wrote, “As I rejoice in my own “pots of gold” ; I get pleasure out of seeing others travel the myriad of colors on their journey to their “pots of gold”. I thank Taylor for sharing his musical bounty with us.” Sounds like it should be on a Personal Expressions from Hallmark Card, right?

Then there was, “I too am guilty of letting the naysayers and pseudo-fans get to me but all it takes is watching Taylor at work to refill my cup with joy.” Made me want to refill my coffee cup – with coffee – it was bone dry.

Then this poster, speaking admirably of Hicks not being confused as to his identity wrote, “He is so into being himself and brings it for all to share.” He may be in a travelling Broadway show but he’s certainly not ready for a role in The United States of Tara.

Reading that material last night; while one part of me understands their intensity, I’m just not a ‘normal’ and I wound up laughing until I almost threw up.

I know this sounds like I’m raining on their parade or in this case, poking holes in their rainbow. Yes, everyone needs travel their own path, chase their own bliss, you know, all that, but sometimes the vehemency, the seriousness and the extremism regarding intensity folks attribute to an artist blows my mind. I know sometimes I am guilty of getting carried away with the moment; perhaps there’s a full moon out, or my feminine hormonal swings are on high alert, but man, comparative reading on various fan sites on various artists opens me up to opposing ways fans of different artists handle their ‘fan-hood’.

I’ve considered age difference, upbringing, the ‘normals’ vs the ‘not so normals’ – but is there something else to explain why some in the Taylor Hicks fan base behave so differently from most other celeb fan bases? Maybe it’s similar to being a case of internet geography; or a taste in humor; the American sense of humor vs the British sense of humor as example. Don’t get me started on the Australians.

As some of you know, I have been visiting some of the Robert Pattinson sites. And yes, I feel almost ‘common’ for doing so afterall he is a big deal right now and I hate following a herd or pack, but there I am. Anyway, what is refreshing, the vibes throughout the majority of his sites run along what most fans in the Taylor Hicks’ world would find offensive or pseudo-fan/bad fan behaviour. People actually say humorous things including snarky innuendos (imagine a comical video like that featuring Hicks… oh wait that would not happen) and are not bitch slapped into next week for doing it.

Snark, joke or question anything about Taylor Hicks and you will find yourself in the position of immediately pissing people off. I read in that one particular Taylor related site last night, the dreaded tag of “pseudo-fans”, which is often accompanied by ‘why don’t you just move on’ regarding the frustrations regarding perceptions read on other sites.

It’s like a punishment. So, you dare question? You dare make a joke? Then get the hell off and ‘move on’ you pseudo-fan! Don’t let that rainbow hit you in your ass on the way out!
Velvet Revolver “Get Out the Door”


14 Responses to Shafted by the Rainbow

  1. Wonder says:

    Glad the comments on the blog provided you with a laugh or two, Sunny. I just wish you’d taken more time to think about the message the artist, Rowan Lecompte, was trying to convey.

    While the story of the little girl dancing in the pools of light could be compared to what Taylor does on stage, there was deeper message. And it is that if we admire and have found any measure of happiness through the gifts of an artist, it might be nice to spend more time celebrating that than picking them apart.

    Just so you know, I’ve never considered myself “normal” either, and I doubt many people would use that term to describe me. I have a rather twisted sense of humor, as do most of the folks I hang with on the internet. It’s just that we don’t feel the need to temper our humor with arrogance. To each his own, I guess …

  2. spinshack says:

    It did Wonder and really no offense to you since that story was quite nice. I have no issue with that story and understand the message. No need to talk down to me.

    You see I have a very high IQ, not to brag, just clearing the air. Regarding you having a sense of humor, twisted or otherwise I haven’t been privy to that aspect of your personality.

    Regarding arrogance: Let me tell you this, there is no more higher arrogance than folks making judgments on others – castigating them to who they should or should not like because of things they may harmlessly talk about regarding a celebrity. I am sick of folks like KarenP saying shit like “pseudo-fans”. That is to me, arrogance in the ninth degree.

    Face it, talk about rainbows and pots of gold sound really silly.

  3. spinshack says:

    BTW, forgot to mention your forum and the ridiculousness of that situation. You let few join yet feel free to insult as will behind closed doors. Don’t come here yapping innocuously about your silly rainbows and pots of gold when you walk the line of hypocrisy.

  4. pc325 says:

    You have no idea what you are speaking of. There is no insulting behind closed doors. There certainly seems to be a lot of bitterness outside of them however. And a whole lot of yapping….

  5. Wonder says:

    Believe it or not, Sunny, folks on the SOS don’t feel the need to insult anyone, members or not. They never have and never will. That’s a cardinal rule on my board and my members have no problem following it. And that’s the reason I’m so careful about who I allow to join. It has nothing to do with hypocrisy. It has everything to do with maintaining a place I can be proud of. We’re way too busy enjoying each other’s company to want or need to seek out other people to attack.

    “Regarding arrogance: Let me tell you this, there is no more higher arrogance than folks making judgments on others”

    And yet that doesn’t seem to stop some folks from making judgments about Taylor Hicks. Or people who post on other blogs or boards, does it?

    The talk about rainbows and pots of gold may sound silly, but the sentiment behind is anything but. I would think someone of your intelligence would be able to see that.

    I’m finished here. Have a nice life.

  6. spinshack says:

    Considering no one sees behind the closed doors you two speak of there is not evidence of what you are talking about. That said, I don’t give a damn anyway.

    To point out the Crazy in your post let’s analyze a moment:

    1) You are talking about this post in your closed forum. I’m not allowed, nor anyone outside your ‘bubble’, to see what you really think.

    2) You’ve talked about me several times in the past in your closed door forum.

    3) You can find ‘truth’ in telling ‘fans’ they are “pseudo-fans” etc because they may analyze Taylor Hicks, but hell don’t analyze Taylor Hicks – that’s just NUTS.

    4) Taylor Hicks likely could give a damn for your support or your opinions especially if it costs him other fans.

    5) That discussion sounded completely silly and if you think it the height of great convo, fine. I do not say anything mean about anyone there, don’t link to your post nor insult you. I simply point out what I find amusing. No names.

    6) Taylor Hicks is not more important than anyone else. Insult the fans and you insult the man. Pseudo-fans, my ass.

    7)I have a nice life.

    8) You confirmed all my thoughts in this post about folks like yourself (no you are a normal) having a lacking in the humor zone.

    As far as the pc325, no yapping baby, just real talk. Now you go back to finding them pots o’ gold – like a good leprechaun.

    I haven’t insulted anyone there – commented on the fact some of the posts made me laugh. Seriously, put down the drugs and re-read them.

  7. henry8 says:

    Well, that was amusing.

    “the height of arrogance is making judgments on others”?

    And here I thought your entire blog was making a judgment. Must be my low IQ getting in the way again.

  8. Celestial Soul says:

    The bitterness goes on in PMs in the Wonder Compound.

    Spin- Don’t waste your time. This is the same person that thinks she shares a muse with Taylor. Not thinking that falls anywhere between normal or not normal.. that’s a whole big bowl of crazy.

  9. jonettecullen says:

    Thanks for reading my blog! And I had no idea that Taylor Hicks fans were so serious (No judgment or anything to anyone, I just had no clue at all). For me, part of being a fan of Rob is being able to laugh at silly things about him, but maybe he’s just not as serious a person as Taylor Hicks?

    Anyway, thanks again. 🙂

  10. spinshack says:

    Henry8 there you go again thinking you’re some genius in the insight department.

    CS, I know. Now I’m off to chase my own pots o gold. Or as some say enjoy the fruits of my labor as I live my own life. (borrowed from “We fans just enjoy the fruit of Taylor’s labor as we live our own lives . I guess that is considered normal. I can live with that.”) *giggle*

    Hi Jonettecullen, love your site, really funny stuff. True Hicks is more serious apparently about himself.

  11. Snowstorm says:

    Isn’t Wonder the hag who made Taylor wear a clown nose? Poor Taylor, he is too nice for his own good. Had he known those photos would be plastered all over the internet, I’m sure he would have thought twice. He should have told her to take the clown nose and fuck off. So, you lose a fan, better that, than lose your fucking dignity. You can’t let these stupid hags walk all over you. There comes a time you have to tell them to fuck off.

  12. spinshack says:

    “that’s a whole big bowl of crazy”
    That is inspiring another post…

    Snow, I don’t know if it’s that Wonder person or one of the others. I do remember that ordeal.

    Off to find me Lucky Charms. lol

  13. rosie says:

    It was Wonder and PC who had Taylor don the clown noses on two separate occasions. When I first started posting last summer it was to let her know I disapproved of the clown noses and her interp. of what his words meant as though she had the inside track on his brain. I have since made peace with her and have posted a few times on her open blogs. You know me, I say what I think. You also know I’m a huge Taylor fan. There are some spots where I’d be afraid to express even my worry about his CD sales, because they only want to focus on the positive. I love reading the BB and they seem like great people but I haven’t yet posted there. The rainbow posters could always give their opinion here or on IAG’s if they do so in a nice manner. Sunny, as you know some on Greys knock the SP. and I guess some elsewhere feel free to complain about the Hicks complainers. In fairness to Wonder it was some of her posters, not her, who used terms like pseudo fans. Her post was mostly about enjoying the happiness one gets from being a Tay fan. I can dig that. Sunny keep writing what you wish and let the chips fall where they may.

  14. spinshack says:

    Thanks Rose. I really respect you. *heart you too* Thanks for your friendship on-line.

    I will always follow my bliss. lol

    This has been one hella big number hit topic. Wow. (really had no idea…)

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