Just Kill Me Now: Robert Pattinson

My youngest hauled me to see “Twilight” a few months back. Curious about the actor, Robert Pattinson, who plays Edward Cullen (he’s so damn pretty; my new shiny thing), I’ve googled him and guess what? He’s a musician, a real damn musician. Plays piano, guitar and writes music and – he sings.

Here’s one of his tunes, “I Was Broken” (Included in the movie.)

“Stray Dog”

lyrics, “You’re lonely
Joker no, joker no more
Who would reach their own
When you can call on your mind
Crying to hope that tears sometime, they’re
Wasted wasted, all before
Forget what you came here for
And you need to see the signs
And you need to stop wasting time
Start to save that stolen
story that you heard before.
And I waited for you, but you’re long gone
Stray dog
You’re only a stray,
Joker no, joker no more
Yeah, stray dog”

“To Roam” Robert Pattinson

lyrics include,
“Ghost and the rain
[Cold], the freedom
And I’m walkin the hallway
Yeah I’m walkin the hallway
I’m walking the hallway
Said I’m walking the hallway, and I’m walking the hallway

I am grown, I am [grown]
Think of the day where I’m sure to come
When I’m seen, I’m smiling [of ages]
When I know where I’m going to run
When I know where I will go
I will be gone somewhere else
You could see, you could see it through my mind”

“Kiss My Ass” Pattinson interview

Love. this. guy.


2 Responses to Just Kill Me Now: Robert Pattinson

  1. redrosespeedway says:

    Not bad, he has a nice voice. I just finished reading the first twilight book and I liked it. I’ll have to go rent the movie.

  2. spinshack says:

    Hi Red, he’s funny as hell too. He’s apparently rather eccentric, somewhat spazzy and overwhelmed by the attention he’s receiving from “Twilight”. I recommend the movie; I saw the film first then bought the books. She’s an interesting and imaginative writer, parallel to J.K. Rowling with a dash of Anne Rice.

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