Taylor Hicks Sinks his Teeth into Musical trees while Taylorizing it

Taylor Hicks visits Julie Courtney’s Dad who happens to be a host of The View to the Bay, a San Francisco morning news talk show. (Spenser Christian) Naturally Julie joins them and Regis and Kelly send the show a video from the Dating With the Stars segment aired on their show that put Julie and Taylor together. My thoughts as I watched the show video from the start to the finish, “Oh no, that wasn’t awkward…” (click link)

There were more than a few cringe-worthy moments. Obviously nervous, Taylor lip smacks repeatedly and pulls out a stream of scripted sounding cliche’s: “Sinking his teeth”, “musical tree”, “Taylorize it” – vampiric singing monkeys in suits came to mind. Or maybe just singing monkeys.

News out on the record sales for Mr. Hicks’ new album, “The Distance” has it with a reported 5,972 in sales in the second week, down 34% from week one which held 8,990 units sold, bringing a total of 14,963.


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