Taylor Hicks, TMZ.com, Actually No Indiscrimnate Acts of Kindness

Taylor Hicks actually provides TMZ.com yet another opportunity. Actually just the other day, TMZ.com passed a story around about Taylor Hicks tickets actually still remaining for his after “Grease” concert at The Roxy. TMZ.com spilled with their usual exaggerated aplomb that tickets had gone unsold for the concert. In the TMZ.com theatrical manner this situation was actually blown out to create an impression that the venue was dropping free tickets to fill the room; instead, it was discount ticket broker, Goldstar tickets who were releasing a small cache they held for just the nominal service fee.

Actually radaronline.com an equally sensationalist gossip magazine who had featured stories on Taylor Hicks during his doppelganger girlfriend scandal contributed to the story concerning the free tickets. Radaronline.com includes in their article,

“”It was fifty percent full and the VIP section was only twenty five percent full,” one concertgoer tells RadarOnline.com. “People who had paid the full $36.50 were mad since many people were claiming free ones.” Who was in the crowd? “Mostly women in their late forties, early fifties.”

Conversely the write up in the Los Angeles Times.com was more kinder toward Hicks but they don’t gloss over the lack of crowd and do point out many folks left soon after the show began. Hicks hit the stage around twenty after ten and folks were filing out already by eleven.

“It might not have been a sellout, but Taylor Hicks fans got what they came for, a hearty helping of their favorite gray fox — enough to last until they can catch “Grease.””

Taylor was apparently hanging outside the venue, after the concert, in the wee hours of the morning with what appeared to be his entourage; Bill Will included. TMZ.com camera guy/reporter approached Mr. Hicks as he and his group loitered, the guys looked as though they were waiting for their ride. When Taylor spied the TMZ.com guy he welcomed him over with, ” C’mon, let’s chat. I’ve been waiting for you guys all night”. Meanwhile Bill Will, grinning a strange grin, ducked his head and swung behind a pole to get out of camera range.
Click photo to go to TMZ.com video, you’ll also get a clue why I am overusing the word, ‘actually’, actually.

Within a few a few seconds of Taylor Hicks’ banter with the TMZ.com guy, activity around the corner caught his attention. Hicks asks the reporter, “What’s happening over here?” and they both proceeded to venture around the corner. TMZ.com told Taylor, ‘some drunk lady’. Two gals standing on the corner, perhaps they had been in the concert venue or perhaps that’s just their “spot” on the streets commented that the woman lying on the sidewalk passed out had told them she was a friend of Taylor’s and they laughed derisively.

In the TMZ.com video, Hicks just stands there looking at the woman; she seems to have a few folks possibly trying to help her, that or rifling through her belongings as she lay there motionless. (There, my cynical side emerges.) There was also a disinterested looking lady cop, but she seems to have left as soon as sirens and police cars sped past. Throughout the short clip, the person on the ground shows absolutely no movement. Hicks says to TMZ.com, “She’s, ah, she’s ah, pretty hammered…I think she has no idea…” Conversation switched at that point to American Idol and the new judge, Kara DioGuardi. Hicks quickly points out ‘actually’ Kara worked with him on his post Idol CD on a few songs.

Watching Taylor’s body language, his expressions, it is obvious he’s uncomfortable with the scene. He shifts weight on his feet back and forth in what appears to be hesitation on what he should do in this situation. As the police cars speed past apparently on their way to a more pressing matter, Hicks turns to the camera guy and says with a grin, motioning at the speeding cop cars as they pass, “This is actually good for her, basically that’s what’s called a ‘get out of jail’ free card”.

This unfortunate concert attendee, rumored to be Claudia Oakenfull from the infamous and defunct “Modern Whomp” magazine, now trying to start another magazine up called, Neo Blu or something, is seen completely passed out on a dirty LA sidewalk after the show. Now whether that woman is actually Claudia Oakenfull, I can’t say for certain since I was not actually at the venue; posters on It’s All Grey’s site who were there claim it was indeed she. This woman is not well-loved by many in the Hicks fan base for reasons I’m not getting into – point is the folks responding seem of the mindset that she’s getting what she deserved. If anyone remembers, the alleged sodden on the sidewalk, Ms. Oakenfull, provided fans with that great little pool table video in my sidebar on IDOL BLUES among other video from Marty’s Bar – videos which, at that time, fans appreciated viewing. Ah yes, our memories are fleeting. You see, should one run afoul of the fans or defile Mr. Hicks in any perceived way, you should be either stoned on a busy city street or lie in a near fatal drunken stupor on a public street. Ah, sweet Soul – sweet Soul Patrol justice.

One of the points I have attempted to make which falls on deaf ears or rather blind eyes, Taylor Hicks already took one big negative hit from TMZ.com this week. Their exaggerated story of the free tickets to fill the concert hall not very flattering nor encouraging, so not a positive regarding “The Distance” album sales. Now to top that, Mr. Hicks is now caught on film by TMZ.com standing with his cronies outside the LA venue, wandering into this unfortunate scene.

Taylor Hicks stares at the drunk on the sidewalk as the cameras roll, in the tape. Initially you can see a flash of concern and yes, recognition. Camera Guy, a stoic LA guy, for whom drunks on the street not really anything he hasn’t seen before, just sort of laughs it off. Seriously there’s no story in people getting tossed out of clubs because they are intoxicated nothing new in LA, besides it’s not like she’s OctoMom or anything. Happens around Dallas too; you get rowdy you are out on the street and the bouncers could care less what happens to you. It’s not their problem.

Many of the Taylor Hicks fans on-line profess to not thinking Mr. Hicks should not have behaved any differently than he did. I mean, he is just a musician after all and it’s not his place to don a cape and fly to anyone’s rescue. There was no phone booth for Hicks to make his Clark Kent change into Superman. I just wonder what these people who are standing up for his lack of action on this TMZ.com footage would say if they were the unfortunate fool passed out on the concrete.

One poster whom sums up what many fans are saying wrote, “Hate to contribute to this topic, but I think Taylor did the right thing. He took the attention off the poor woman and onto himself.”
I disagree, if he was taking attention off the woman why did he walk the camera guy around the corner towards her? Camera guy already knew she was there, he wasn’t there to film another dead to the world drunk on an LA sidewalk.

“If he had gone over to help, the cameras would have followed him.”
Hello, read my above sentence.

“If they got close enough, her face and condition would have been known to everyone who saw the video. Obviously, there were police there, and perhaps, they asked people to leave her alone until an ambulance or someone else came to pick her up. And I never saw him walk away – he was on the corner, he walked toward her, when someone pointed her out and walked back. Where was the security who threw her out? Shouldn’t they be responsible for making sure she is taken care of? Called her a cab or an ambulance, if necessary?”
This fan obviously just contradicted her initial wording in her post.

“While the cameras were on, Taylor did his job. He did the interview. Afterwards, who knows what happened? Not everyone is trained to give medical help. Maybe Taylor thought the police would be better trained to handle the situtaion (sic) than he was. I think some of you expect too much of him. This had nothing to do with being a Southern Gentlemen. It’s not like he didn’t hold the door for her. Who knew what she had to drink or what “medications” she may have taken? Best to leave her treatment to the professionals.”
I hate to break it to you, this was not a “job” this was not a scheduled interview moment in which Hicks was to have a sit down with TMZ.com and talk his life and times. This was what TMZ does, they walk up to celebs on the street and try and capture sound bites. They certainly got Taylor Hicks to bite.

It’s reactions like what I’ve been reading about this TMZ.com moment that clarify for me completely what’s wrong with the world today. Why folks rather drive by an accident and lookeeloo rather than stop and go help. It’s not their problem. Someone else can handle it better. It’s that person’s fault and they are getting what they deserve. Certainly it is the responsibility of the individual out partying to make sure they don’t wind up vulnerable and possibly dead by their lack of taking care of themselves. But, certainly it is the responsibility of we regular Joes to occasionally step up and do the right thing.

There was a story I read recently about a kid who had ventured out on the ice on a pond near his house. He’d been told to not go on the ice, it wasn’t safe, but the temptation was too great and he went anyway. Naturally he fell through. This guy driving by, a regular Joe, luckily for the kid happened to see him fall through. Instead of simply sitting in his car and dialing 911 and waiting for those who might know better how to help, he dialed 911 then jumped out to help the kid alone. He had not one clue how to help the kid, certainly he did not want to drown in the frozen lake himself and was not dressed for rescue. It did not stop him from trying. He had a pair of wire cutters in his trunk, cut a long branch from a tree by the pond; yelled at the boy floundering in the freezing water and got as close as he could crawling on his stomach on the ice, extending the branch. The kid grasped the end of it – using leverage, and after a few failed attempts the man got the kid out of the water. Now what would have happened if he sat in the car waiting? The ambulance and first responders got there after the kid was out of the water. Likely the boy would have succumbed to hypothermia, could have drowned.

Now the middle-aged woman on the sidewalk drunk and maybe drugged out of her mind certainly isn’t quite the same as a rebellions teen aged boy who decides to go out on ice after being told not to, but this is an example of someone doing the right thing. Sadly, none in the Hicks entourage, at least while cameras are rolling, don’t really seem to give a shit.

I think Hicks blew a perfect opportunity to take that TMZ.com moment, turn it on them and make something great for himself instead of simply creating a funny sound bite moment for TMZ.com… at his expense. Ah well, it is true, Taylor Hicks did not sign up to be Superman.

Remember that people, next time you see someone passed out on a street sidewalk, just make jokes, step around them. Next time there’s a car accident, just drive by and look, you know you’re not qualified to help. If you see someone fallen through ice, call for help, stay warm in your car.

Maybe I shouldn’t give a shit either.


17 Responses to Taylor Hicks, TMZ.com, Actually No Indiscrimnate Acts of Kindness

  1. alm says:

    You know what…as a Taylor fan (as you claim) I;m very dissappointed that you kept up this trash. This whole blog has no more facts than anything TMZ write. You have no idea what Taylor did or what went on with that whole scenero than They did. You’ve brought yourself right to TMZ level. Aren’t you PROUD!!

  2. spinshack says:

    What are you talking about ‘facts’. Sheesh there are no facts here nor are any purported to be, this is my opinion my take of the video from TMZ.com. No one held a gun to the man’s head to say anything to them, he volunteered. No one is holding a gun to my head to say anything, it’s called voicing my opinion.

    Regarding if I’m “proud” of this what the fuck are you talking about again here? I am saying what I think from the heart not what a bunch of delusional fucking fan tards want to read. You don’t like it click off.

    I’m disappointed in what I see on that video you should be too.

  3. alm says:

    Nice…very mature response.Seems I have ruffled your feathers. I don’t think what I read was an opinion it sounded more like a judgement made without knowledge of the situation. Your “opinion” is based on a 2 minute clip on Tabloid tv. I would prefer to base opinions on something more substantial if I were to attack someones’ character, I am not a delusional fan & I am not at all disappointed in that video.I also don’t think profanity make for a very intelligent point maker.
    Seems you got very defensive that I voiced my opinion and didn’t see things your way. My thoughts…you can dish it out..you just can’t take it..

  4. rosie says:

    Sunny, I’ve had no history with the woman don’t know what she did in the fandom. Maybe Taylor would have preferred she not always be there to film him in his off time at Martys. I don’t think the response of the fans has anything to do with who she was, just that she was getting help. The police knew, maybe an ambulance had been called. It was not Tays place to intervene. The man had two real rough days, 9,000 CDs and TMZ and press inside the Roxy looking for a story. He stated she was out of it, hammered, that it was good for her the police had a more urgent call and did the get out of jail free comment. He did not say I know her or expose her up close or name her or call her a name. Why are you making it a bigger deal than it was? You are doing her harm by blogging about her. Should I ever go to a Tay concert and get sloshed I don’t want Taylor and TMZ doing close ups of me or other fans yaking about it for 24hrs.

  5. spinshack says:

    Rosie that’s your opinion. They put themselves out there and so the situation is open game for discussion. I have no idea what to say to you Ro, it is what it is and I am thinking what I am thinking. Folks insulting me on other sites and knocking my words are not going to make a difference. This is not directed at you, or them, it is my opinion about the tape.

    As you can see with Alm, fans take it very personally. Like I’m insulting their Mom, their family or them. I am just writing my thoughts on this situation.They want to come here bait me and then feel somewhat better. Why do they do this, because inside I hit a nerve. I hit a bit of truth they do not want to think about.

    Alm I can take it hahahaha, I’m just telling you out flat you don’t like what you’re reading don’t read it – why are you returning? Think you are making some sort of intelligent point on arguing with me? I’m not changing my mind.

    Your profanity argument is really funny. You think Hicks doesn’t swear? hahahaha. Man delusional fits you perfectly. Now go back to soulthing or some of those other password protected sites and talk amongst yourselves.

  6. littlewing says:

    I’ll have to say that I agree with you Rosie. However, Sunny it does seem like most people are not willing to lend a helping hand anymore these days and it is disheartening. I read what happened to you ((hugs)). Adverse life experiences shape our reactions to certain events, and I think that people should try to understand where you are coming from.

    I do feel sorry for that poor woman, regardless of what she has done. She obviously needs help with her obsession, based on the accounts I have read 😦

  7. littlewing says:

    ^^ Oops, I just read Claudia’s post at ItsAllGrey in which she clarified the “stalker” reputation, so I stand corrected on my ‘obsession’ comment.

  8. observer says:

    Wow. All your and Snowstorm’s criticism for the past 24 hours was all for nothing. Claudia posted over at IAG that Taylor did make sure she was looked after.

    Taylor helped out but didn’t make it about himself as you suggested. “I think Hicks blew a perfect opportunity to take that TMZ.com moment, turn it on them and make something great for himself.”

    Taylor did what was right not what would be good PR for him.

  9. labelle31 says:

    You have a valid point: many people chose not to get involved in situations where they could be of some help to someone in need. However, in this situation what would you have had Mr. Hicks do?

    There is a female police officer at the scene. I would think that HER authority would over ride Mr. Hicks’, wouldn’t you? There appear to be people around her trying to help her. Having a son who is a paramedic I know that the standard procedure for police officers is to call for the paramedics when someone is in this state of drunkeness. (Paramedics deal with drunks every time they are on shift.) They were probably on their way.

    It’s not Mr. Hicks fault she got totally wasted. Also, in today’s world, people who stop and try to help at accidents,etc., sometimes end up being sued by the very people they helped.

    He wasn’t filming her. She brought her situation on herself. That doesn’t make it any less sad. I hope she got transported to the hospital and will get the help for her drinking problem she needs. Maybe seeing herself in this video will be a wake up call for her. But don’t blame Mr. Hicks. It was out of his hands by the time the video was filmed.

  10. spinshack says:

    observer, labelle and a host of other people, Snow and myself were reeling for the most part over the harsh criticisms initially handed to the woman on the sidewalk. Then watching the video, taking it for the taping segment, during the time period you watch it, Hicks and TMZ guy make jokes.

    I’m glad Taylor and the guys gave her some assistance, I have NOT said he did not, I HAVE said he did not look depicted in a positive light. Why can’t you folks read?

    Now it’s like, “Oh look you’re wrong!” I NEVER write that he NEVER gives her help. I don’t know what happened while the tape ceased rolling; my observations are on what the public will see in this tape.

    I know I hit a lot of nerves in what I said. Some because I shed doubt toward their hero. Others because what I wrote hit home for them and they were upset too although did not dare express it, and then there’s the third group who just did not give a shit about the woman, they’re so infatuated with a celebrity.

    My post reflects my impressions watching that tape. I can’t make that any clearer to you avid fans. I don’t care if you don’t like what I felt. Can’t change that now can you? Beating me up in your hidden protected sites, sending me death threat type emails doesn’t change how I thought. I’m not retracting my post.

    I’m glad to hear Hicks helped/got aid for Claudia.

    Shame on you folks who think because he’s a celebrity he’s so much more important than she is; shame on you obsessed folks who are writing me that she’s a stalker when your asses who have seen him 9 times in concert and 4 times in “Grease” all over the country are no different. Shame on you who think she got ‘what she deserved’. That makes absolutely no sense, it’s hilarious too since some who say that I’ve seen write in posts in the past how religious you are and how you often pray for Taylor. (You know who you are.)

    labelle now seriously, where do I say he was filming her, I don’t but he did hang with TMZ and cut jokes while she was lying there. I guess that’s okay since it wasn’t you on the street.

    Have a nice day.

  11. alm says:

    If you are so concerned over this poor woman why did you plaster her name on you blog. Don’t say it was brought up on other blogs and everyone knew who it was anyway. If you really felt an compassion for that woman…. you personally would not have put her identity out there.I felt that was the worst betrayal in the whole scenero.

  12. spinshack says:

    You’re an idiot alm. Everyone knew her name.

    Littlewing, you wrote, ^^ Oops, I just read Claudia’s post at ItsAllGrey in which she clarified the “stalker” reputation, so I stand corrected on my ‘obsession’ comment.

    You see littlewing those folks writing ugly shit about Claudia are doing so to uplift Taylor and make her look worse so it’s all okay what transpired on the tape. They’re a callous lying backstabbing breed of fan in severe denial over their own stalker traits. Much like alm here.

  13. Snowstorm says:

    Spin, I completely agree with everything you’ve said. The vid did not cast Taylor in the best of light. That was his opportunity to show people he has a caring heart for the drunk on the sidewalk, instead he made jokes of the situation for the camera.

    Taylor certainly has lots of over-protective mommies, doesn’t he? It’s sad, they are too stupid to realize the damage they have done to Taylor’s career.

    • spinshack says:

      Too stupid to realize and they keep on doing it. Disgusting a word that comes to mind reading what many wrote about Claudia.

  14. rosie says:

    Sunny, everyone likes you girl. You just weren’t rationalizing with the majority this time. You vocalized a different but fervent opinion. It’s all good, you are likeable and popular!

  15. labelle31 says:

    For the record Sunny, I’ve never seen Taylor in concert or in Grease. I live in the south-western part of the country where Taylor rarely makes appearances. I’ve never met him person. I didn’t see anyone say he was more important than she is. As for ‘getting what she deserved’ I don’t think that’s true. We don’t really know WHY she was unconscious on the sidewalk. For all we know she could have had a medical condition, etc. Whether it was Taylor, or Bill, or whoever, the situation was out of their control. I work with the public, and I’ve seen my share of drunks. Passed out or otherwise. I never attempt to waken them, or anything along those lines. I call for our local PD, who then determine what needs to be done. I’ve called paramedics many times, and yes, even saved a couple lives by doing so. But I never attempt to treat people myself.

    I can’t believe people would send you death threats for expressing your opinion on a matter such as this on your own blog, but I guess you have to consider the source there.

    I might be wrong, but isn’t TMZ kind of known for video taping celebrities in unflattering situations? Another thing I don’t know about, but could a celebrity tell them not to tape them? Or can they do it anyway? Does anyone know what happened to the woman after this?

  16. spinshack says:

    Labelle, you may have already read that the woman in question came forward and answered Grey’s post and is okay. Yeah, TMZ roams around looking for celebrity sound bites for their show and website; Hicks invited them over and they, from the looks of things lead him around the corner to the lady for reaction. It just wasn’t his most flattering moment on film.

    There are some looney tunes in this on-line world, Hicks certainly has his share. I pretty much know who the over-the-top responders are though. The usual suspects.

    Thanks for your response, very well written and fair.

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