The View to the Grey: Charcoal or Gas?

I love cooking on the grill. My man does too but I’m just better at it. I get into soaking Mesquite for the flavor it imparts to meats and vegetables on the grill, I’m selective about my charcoal I use. I have a system of arranging the coals to provide a central heat system so that I can slower cook meats around the main heat source rather than cook right on top of the hottest part of the charcoal; I cook slow and smokey. Oh, I never use gas.

A friend of mine who is into buying the most expensive, the name brands of anything, went out and bought himself one of the best and largest gas grills on the market. It’s a monument to waste in my opinion, gas just doesn’t impart the same taste as charcoal grilling. Sure it’s easy, yes, it’s fast, but you miss out on the quality. We had an actual cook off once, me and my trusty Weber Kettle and he and his humongous gassy grill. Outcome of our cookoff? Gas always loses out to the quality of the flavor of good charcoal.

Speaking of charcoal and gas, apparently there’s a new Taylor Hicks related site out there in the internet. It was getting just a little too peaceful out there in the magical Kingdom of the Taylor Hicks’ fanbase. The Lions can only lay with the Lambs for so long and well, they get hungry. Lions are lions after all and lambs, well, they’re herbivores.

“The Distance”, Taylor Hicks’ newly pressed and released to a store near you, or if you prefer via your fingertips on iTunes, CD just hit the stands and now the shit hits the fans on-line. The new site, It’s all Greyish is a response site created as a parody of and an answer to It’s All Grey.

Greyish has opened aiming for humor with featuring posts off of IAG and the regulars on the site in a snarky and mildly insulting manner. Blogroll, monster icons and play on names with snide inserts as comments intended to poke fun yet say what this blogger really thinks about those on IAG. Greyish is a parasite to the It’s All Grey’s site, and like propane, can not impart the flavoring of natural charcoal or Mesquite wood.

Bottom line, Greyish is to Grey as Charcoal is to propane, it’s faster, easier, and full of gas.
“Banapple Gas” Cat Stevens

vcw 180


14 Responses to The View to the Grey: Charcoal or Gas?

  1. TruthBeTold says:

    Straw and company can dish it out but now let’s see if they can take it. Lisa first tried being Internet famous when she created The View from the Inside but that backfired on her just like her current lame attempt to hide her hatred of all things Taylor and his fans when they don’t see eye to eye with her. Make no mistake that ItsAllGrey was intended to do nothing more than insult all fans that Lisa didn’t think worthy of her time and Taylor’s career choices that she felt were foolish. Lisa is know for her disapproval of certain fans and how she laughs and makes fun of them behind her back. If I were you Sunny I’d ask her how she really feels about you, trust me it ain’t pretty.

  2. spinshack says:

    Truth, if what you say is true about Lisa, it is doubtful she’d truthfully answer my question now isn’t it? I recall someone emailing me with Strawgirl as a participant for View From the Inside. Notably though it wasn’t just one person behind the lavender eye. LOL

    If you have any insight that may be more helpful in my quest for the Truth, send me an email. I’m always open to hear the Truth. I’m sure if she thinks ill of me I’ll manage to get over it.

  3. rosie says:

    Greyish is getting nasty and I let her know. I hate all this shit about who said what, when and why. Those who can’t move on are the true hypocrits.

  4. Greyish says:

    rosie.. all the nasty comments are gone. Did it ever occur to you that this is a social experiment?

    There’s obviously a great many people that still feel the need to pick a bone with that Grey. As my stats and unpublished comments would indicate many wanted to turn this site into their own personal vandetta.

    I won’t go that route. It’s really a shame that more people just don’t seem to “get” that blog.

  5. spinshack says:

    Rosie apparently Grayish is conducting an experiment in which only her commentary goes through.

    Grayish regarding your comments to me that are now apparently gone (I stepped out to the movies for a few hours with my kiddo) it’s way to early to think Christmas cards.

    Too bad your social experiment only goes as far as you’re being able to make up comments and snark but you unfortunately don’t like it in return. I thought you might be fun. *moping*

    15 Minutes, I see you been here and at IdolSnooze so holla. I’m so sad for you that you were not able to have your feeding frenzy. It’s a day of disappointments all around now isn’t it?

    Thanks for the heads up BTW, Ro.

  6. spinshack says:

    BTW 15 it is most interesting although I’m sure coincidental that you and Greyish share similar IP addresses, but then you both like to travel anonymousely… True brave souls of the SP faction.

  7. littlewing says:

    a social experiment? I would probably “get” the blog if not for the show of derision to Grey; otherwise, it shows humor and creativity.

    I liked your post Spin, good job.

  8. speakout says:

    Spinshack, Lisa-Straw really was the main behind The View From the Inside. Tapp and Vag were also involved too but it was pretty much Lisa. She only dredged up the past on TVFTI because she thought TaylorFan333 (whom they all hated)was behind it and I personally think she was really jealous of the attention that mfoya got it and made her just crazy thinking someone she hated was getting all that attention instead of her. Oh and I also think she believes it all she’s always talking conspiracy from day one. So being honest and real is not her true intention causing trouble is.

    Sure I can enjoy the conversation on her new site, but I don’t ever forget who she is. Her intentions are never good. IAGish is just her karma as far as I’m concerned but I do wish her posters weren’t getting attacked tho.

  9. spinshack says:

    Interesting speakout. TVFTI was never a big deal to me. I wasn’t overly concerned about that site, just entertained by those who flocked there. So many fans think when a new site goes up like that it’s Gray Charles or something. I never really knew who Lisa was since I wasn’t a TMS Sp’er. You know I was a poster on MFOYA. MFOYA was not who she thought it was though as MFOYA not just one person.

    Anyway, thanks, Truth will set you free.

    Regarding ISh as her Karma, nah, ISh isn’t up to wielding any Karma hammer. The posters getting attacked, that’s why I do what I do. Cheers, man.

  10. jerseyirish says:

    Spin, Wasn’t around know nothing about the View never went to TMS so really don’t know the players. I agree with Rosie all should let the past go and move on. I don’t feel Grey’s site is a hate blog, just some folks with real strong opinions. Thought the premise of ish was amusing at first, if the issue is with grey thats where it should stay and not with the posters.


  11. spinshack says:

    That’s were it lies but it’s not just with Grey it’s with the posters as well; we are providing her the attention someone is envious of her enjoying.

    Interesting that stats have revealed that two on-line entities seemingly share the same statcounter IP addresses. I was very entertained by that occurrence since well, it was a surprise.

  12. jerseyirish says:

    Spin, don’t know a whole lot about the ip thing just know they follow you and your computer. You are right they are singling out posters, like I said if the main problem is with grey it should stay there. Just went to take a look its password protected now, not sure what that means either.


  13. Harp says:

    I just want to clarify that I’m the person that uses the screen name “Speak Out” on Taylor Hicks Rocks.

    But, not the person who posted above.

  14. spinshack says:

    I’ve never read a site called Taylor Hicks Rocks so for anyone who does, now they know.

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