The Eve Before The Distance: Monday Morning Links and Things

I’m short on time this morning as Monday is conference call day. Scanning the alerts this morning I decided to catch and gather some to have as sort of a historical reference for the blog.
Howard Cohen gives his review on “The Distance”, Miami Herald.

To get the bonus tracks for this CD buyers have to jump stores. One track, “Hide Nor Hair” can be accessed if you purchase the disc through Wal-Mart. “Indiscriminate Acts of Kindness” through Target, and “Yes We Can” through iTunes. You can also just purchase the straight CD sans bonus tracks through and other outlets. Marketing strategy? Apparently so, I mean why put out a record with all three bonus tracks when you can hit folks for three? Feel free to google.

Taylor Hicks appears this week on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Wednesday, March 11th. Humorously he’s appearing the same day as Carol Burnett. I keep hoping one day Mr. Hicks will throw this Black Sheep fan a “Carol Burnett”; (yeah, I know doubtful) if you recall, on Burnett’s show she tugged her ear to say “Hi” to her Mom or something.

This site has links to the radio stations, “The Distance blogspot” playing Taylor’s songs.

Taylor Hicks is artist of the Week on

Connie Phillips writer, editor on writes up her review of “The Distance” hit link:

MJ had this linked – Taylor Hicks’ ABC Interview.

After cleaning house yesterday, and popping in and out of Its All Grey’s blogspot, we went out to dinner so, bad fan that I am, I missed out on the Taylor Hicks’ DJ experience courtesy of the folks at KSDW 100.3.

I did get a kick out of reading the ladies at Chill’s this morning; they were busy providing comments last evening as they listened. Apparently Mr. Hicks was in fine form and to their delight giving that Soul Patrol shout out as he did his thing. These ladies love some Taylor Hicks

I really dig this band’s sound. Taylor featured them on his KSDW 100.3 guest show.
Citizen Cope “Hurricane Waters”

Want more Citizen Cope information? Click Link.


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