15 Minutes? More like an All Day Sucker

15MinutesofFame has been hanging on this and the Idol Blues blog all day. She’s been here multiple times in the past few hours. No, she’s not obsessed.

She’s (it, he, whatever) clever though, using Anonymouse as her proxy coming out from an obscure country. Apparently this individual is relatively computer savvy. Savvy maybe, but not as savvy as she thinks.

15 Minutesoffame1, my all day sucker.

Click this Link (then click image to enlarge it) to see how boring this person really thinks I am. No wonder she’s turned her site into a fan club about me.

If CBB reads this by chance, here’s my reply to you. 15 only lets though parts of my posts if she lets anything through. Of course if you try and censor her on any other site she’s crying in her koolaide.
“I’m not angry CBB. I waited a long while for this CD as we all have and had some frustrations that I released. It’s just good sometimes to get it out rather than keep it pent up.

I’m curious you are even addressing me since you’ve written everyone at Grey’s are such Bozos. I guess you just like clowns.

Topic earlier that day included how Mr. Hicks gets wood when he performs. Now I’d never noticed that until it was pictorially pointed out to me. I am curious why this CD is more like some sort of international experiment from Spain to Nashville. What happened to his saying he was creating a whole new sound for music? A new genre? A mixture of zydeco, country, blues, etc? Singing songs that show examples of those types of music not the same as creating your own sound. Plus I was really blown away hearing Hicks cop Achy Breaky Heart.

Why also do you gals swoon over Mr. Hicks being pissy, moody, but when a female becomes pissy or moody we’re labeled angry, bitchy, or as 15 likes to say about me, just plain crazy? Where’s the double standard?

I’m just not a rainbow bright kinda gal CBB, I’m more complex.”


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