Cheesy Fun: Taylor Hicks on Dating With the Stars

Taylor Hicks made his “Dating with the Stars” appearance this morning on the Regis and Kelly Show. In that link, an interview with Hicks talking about his upcoming show appearance and what his thoughts might be about this date venture. I’m wondering if Bill will be around?

I’d been pulling for San Franciscan Julie since this silly contest started. Although I was saddened that Stephanie did not wear her tiara, and it would have been slightly funny to have Hicks hang out with one of his biggest Soul Patrol fans, I am relieved he made the right call.
Regis and Kelly Taylor Hicks Asks the Questions That Matter

Questions like, what would you bring to a desert island? Yeah, original material there. Steph would bring a sax, but whether she plays it we don’t know. Julie on the other hand says ‘guitar’ as in ‘pick’. Emily would bring a notebook to write her thoughts. What?

Julie’s obviously winning answer, her language of love, muah, muah, muah, muah muah, muah, muah. Exactly. Tonight Mr. Hicks and Julie go out on a date, results air tomorrow morning. I guess I will watch one more episode of Regis and Kelly. C’mon Julie, go get him tiger!


2 Responses to Cheesy Fun: Taylor Hicks on Dating With the Stars

  1. itsallgrey says:

    I think a date with Emily would have been way more entertaining! Imagine how many pics of Taylor scared to death we would have then!!

    And you know Bill’s around. There’s no way Taylor gave him the day off.

  2. spinshack says:

    Haha, we would have gotten a lot more deer in the headlights shots that’s certain! Maybe Bill will make a cameo. *hoping*

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