Photos from Jake: My new Favorite Taylor Hicks Photo

I don’t know about ‘iconic’ but still certainly a damn nice still photo.


8 Responses to Photos from Jake: My new Favorite Taylor Hicks Photo

  1. itsallgrey says:

    Yeah, I think ‘iconic’ is to be determined. It’s a good photo..and I love the lighting.

  2. caryl says:

    Guess I’m the only one who doesn’t like it. The lighting is very cool, but I don’t think Taylor looks very handsome.

  3. spinshack says:

    Jake’s sense of dramatic flair obviously coming into play with the term.

  4. sallyannlady says:

    The lighting is great, but I agree with Caryl- when I look at it, the first thing I think of is Punch from the Punch & Judy puppets- he has a great big chin that juts out- I don’t really like this one- hope it looks better in the video.

  5. rosie says:

    Nice shot! The chin affect is a result of the lighting, dark shadow hides his double chin and light highlights the protrusion. One week until the reveal and by then we will know who won the date with him.

  6. chill says:

    I like the subsequent releases from Jake much better than this one. The one of him on the street with the blurry lights, my favorite.

  7. spinshack says:

    This one is fab for it’s artistic qualities, chill.

  8. spinshack says:

    *its* not it’s lol was going to say something else and wrongly edited myself. gah.

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