Taylor Hicks, Soul Patrol Me!

Taylor Hicks has decided that this Valentines Day will not be spent alone or just in the company of Bill Will. He’s striking out, or rather heading over to the Regis and Kelly Show with hopes of selecting a date. He’s entered into a contest along with another 30-something guy, Danny Boome, whom I’ve never heard of, to take his chances in the show’s “Dating With the Stars” contest.

Reading up on the ‘other guy’, Danny Boome, he’s described as a “British charmer” and apparently hosts Food Network’s “Rescue Chef”, and V-Day is his birthday. Apparently he’s a highly trained chef, billed as being “great in the kitchen”. Images of Danny standing in his birthday suit, a chef’s hat and long apron, come to mind.

Taylor Hicks on the other hand, won’t make you French Toast, but he is described as doing “Grease”… Mr. Hicks hobbies are listed as golf, scuba diving, skiing and watching college basketball. What no long walks on the beach? Wait, he tried that… once.

Seems Mr. Hicks likes those serious during the week types that toss their horn-rims and get crazy on the weekends. The part of “…If your heart is ready for a little Soul Patrol… Taylor is your guy.” That absolutely slays me.
“Can’t Get the Girl (Without the Good Stuff) The Handcuffs.


5 Responses to Taylor Hicks, Soul Patrol Me!

  1. willpen says:

    Why is the thought of this “Dating Game” making me extremely nervous. I personally think that Taylor is making some really bad business decisions. No serious music fan will ever take him seriously if he continues doing this kind of stuff. How sad…

  2. spinshack says:

    willpen, reading like some sort of comedy gone awry isn’t it? Could work either way for him, I guess, but I’m left wondering what’s next.

  3. willpen says:

    To be perfectly honest with you, this music fan already has one foot out the door concerning Mr Hicks. He just always seems to get 85% of the way there, then just falls short. It is just hard to take him seriously when he keeps doing all these silly stunts.

  4. spinshack says:

    I’ve noticed the fan boards seem pretty quiet too about this topic, not much really being said. Wouldn’t it be sad if hardly anyone even completed that date application? lol Oh man.

    What’s your take so far on his WRIR?

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